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Praise for Your First Year in Network Marketing

"New network marketers . . . read this book! The Yarnells, multi-million dollar income earners
with twenty years experience, provide a comprehensive operational structure . . . outstanding
content . . . and over 200 specific recommendations to profitably survive your first year . . .
and build a long-term business foundation. I'm recommending this book to all of my network
marketing students."

- Charles W. King, Professor of Marketing, University of Illinois at Chicago,
Seminar Leader, UIC Certificate Seminar in Network Marketing

"A highly original work from two people who have dedicated themselves to the personal
enhancement of network marketing distributors worldwide."

- Lou Tice, Author, Chairman, Lecturer, and Co-Founder of the Pacific Institute, Inc.

"The Yarnells are insightful, educated teachers in the world of network marketing. This book is
a joy to read!"

- Kay Smith, Nu Skin Blue Diamond,
One of ten inductees in the International Network Marketing Directory's Hall of Fame

"Everyone involved in, or even considering becoming involved in, network marketing should
read this book. The Yarnells' uncanny ability to not only perceive but offer helpful solutions to
the myriad of obstacles that beset all who attempt to succeed in this industry make it an
invaluable aid."

- Greg Martin, CEO of ShapeRite Concepts Ltd.

"Mark and Rene are two of the most powerful leaders in our industry. Their commitment to the
success of others and their courage to speak their hearts and minds have transformed the
lives of hundreds of thousands. Study this book!"

- Richard B. Brooke, Chairman and CEO of Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.

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if you use this excuse. Mimi Joy explains, "I was building my business part-time my first year
and had made my list of 2,000 names. I felt like I just had to create sections on my list, and
one of those categories was called my `chicken list.' These were names of people whom I
felt were already successful in their present jobs and with whom I had better wait to speak
until I was more educated, making more money, and working this business full-time.

"I was attending a company function in San Francisco and. as I walked into the gathering, I
experienced a scary vision. I saw the person who was number one on my chicken list. I
calmly walked over thinking to myself that he was probably just there as a guest of someone.
'Hello, funny meeting you here . . . by the way, why are you here?' I asked him, puzzled. He
proclaimed, 'I have just recently been introduced to this great opportunity and have made the
decision to build the business and replace my income!' I proceeded to turn a deep shade of
green/yellow and gulped, saying, 'Well, isn't that just wonderful. I know you will be very
successful.' I wished him luck and like a sad, hurt lil' puppy, I moped to the back of the room
to find a seat. I got myself situated but was feeling quite sick. As the meeting began I noticed
the woman principal at our daughter's school . . . and she wasn't even on my list! The moral
of this story for me is to never, ever pre-judge people for this business because they could
end up sitting right in the same room with you at your next meeting!" Having learned the
importance of working with those on her warm list, and not letting anything hold her back
from calling them, Mimi Joy has now made it more than half way to the top of her
compensation plan, loving the work and lifestyle of a network marketer.

Until your belief level is 1,000 percent, you might try this script when you approach those on
your warm list:

"I've just gotten involved in a new business that has me so intrigued I just had to tell you.
There are people making more money in a month than most make in a year, but what got my
attention was the lifestyle. They are all working out of their homes, and at their own pace,
and creating an ongoing, residual income that is staggering to me. I don't know if this is for
real, but I can't stop thinking about it. When I saw the caliber of people coming into it, I
thought of you and your [wife/ husband] right away. I can't think of two people I'd rather be in
business with. Besides, you two know everyone in this community, and they all respect you
so much. I really think I'm on to something, but I'd like you both to look at it and tell me if I'm
crazy. A few close friends are coming over Wednesday night and I would love to have you
both join me so I can show you exactly how this works. Or would Thursday during the day be
better for you? I really value your opinion."

Until you have replaced your income in this business, it is understandable that you may have
some reservations. But don't try to solve the problem by avoiding your warm list.
Approaching strangers is much more difficult than reaching out to your family, friends, and
acquaintances. Find the words that are comfortable for you, but whatever you do, begin
calling those on your warm list. You want to be in business with those people you most enjoy
because your network organization is forlife. So approach your favorite twenty-five people
first. If you let your doubts stand in the way of beginning your business, you are guaranteed
to fail. If you can find a way to go forward with honesty, you may succeed. Believe us when
we say, "With success comes conviction."

Second Warhead: Lack of Self-Esteem

Many people avoid their warm market because of their poor self-image. It's a delicate issue,
and one that must be approached with sensitivity. Some people do not feel that their friends

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and relatives respect them. In fact, many people believe that the friends they approach will
laugh at them and ridicule them for attempting to be an entrepreneur.

Let's look at a classic scenario: Bob is a bus driver who loves to play poker on the
weekends, and he belongs to three different groups of men who also love to play cards. As
Bob makes out his warm list, he writes down the names of twelve men whom he knows well
from the poker clubs. The only problem is that Bob is lowest on the socio-economic totem
pole. The other men are white-collar professionals and while they respect Bob's skill as a
poker player, Bob just naturally assumes that they wouldn't consider listening to him about a
business deal. But Bob is totally wrong. Unless you address this issue in general terms
during training, Bob will not approach those men. Here's what we suggest you say because
there will always be someone similar to Bob in your group:

"Folks, the biggest challenge you're going to face just as soon as you succeed in this
business will be the anger of people to whom you never even showed this opportunity. You
may have a group of friends, even physicians and attorneys, whom you're afraid to
approach. But they won't be your friends any more when they find out that you got involved
with a business that's now paying you $30,000 a month, while they're still going into an office
sixty hours every week. Why would they be upset with you? Because you didn't think enough
of them to show them this business. If they do resist even attending your presentation, tell
them right up front that it's their choice whether they get involved or not. But you wanted to
make absolutely sure that they won't turn on you in a year because you didn't give them a
chance to see this opportunity as soon as you knew about it."

Notice the strategy here. We keep it a soft approach and refer to professions like law or
medicine, Most everyone who isn't a lawyer or doctor looks up to those professionals. And in
our business it's really not uncommon for a student or maid to sponsor an accountant or
CEO of a corporation. On a scale of 1 to 10, if you think of yourself as a 5, once you sponsor
a 10 into this business, you become a 10. Move past your comfort zone and offer everyone
on your list this opportunity. The truth is this: We are all 10s in potential, we just need to
seriously buckle down and recruit as many frontline distributors as we can. Don't let this
Warm List Warhead hold you back.

Third Warhead: Fear of Losing Credibility

As more professionals enter the network distribution industry, it is natural that they will want
to postpone acknowledging their participation until the time is right. For example, some will
pretend that it's their wives' business. The problem is that if you're a professional and people
sense your doubts or uncertainty about the industry, they will also be suspicious. Some will
choose not to join and others will join but build through someone else, such as their spouse.
But the reality is that once someone of stature has joined our industry, the floodgates start
opening for everyone, And more often than not, it's the ordinary, everyday people who make
it to the pinnacle, not the "big hitters'. of traditional business, law, or medicine, though they
certainly can earn enormous wealth while pushing their sponsors into the stratosphere.

We can relate countless stories of people who have failed at this business because they
were afraid to let their peers know how very serious they were about building a networking
organization. One story goes back to 1990, when Rene sponsored a couple, Susan and
Richard, from the San Francisco Bay area. She was a corporate executive on maternity
leave, highly motivated because she wanted to stay home with her baby and not return to
the office. Susan was a competent, organized, self-starter. Richard was a high-level

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MARK YARNELL is an accomplished author, speaker, and international businessman, and
serves as a key field leader in Legacy USA. He has 12 years of applied network marketing
experience and has built a successful network marketing organization of more than 200,000
representatives worldwide.

Mark has delivered lectures throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and has authored
and published several books about network marketing including The Wall Street Journal and
Business Week bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing. As a respected advocate of
the industry, Mark served as contributing editor to Success Magazine, and contributed ten
articles to this well-known publication. The Yarnells and Dr. Charles

King created the first certification course in network marketing at the University of Illinois,

Mark has been honored and recognized internationally with numerous awards in the
industry, including the American Dream Award from the Howard Ruff Company (1989), the
Leadership Award (1992) and Distributor of the Year Award (1995) from the Multi-Level Mar-
keting International Association, and the Greatest Networker in the World award by Upline
magazine. Mark has been inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame by the
International Directory of Network Marketing (1997) .

Mark founded both The Eagles, a literary and self-help organization for penitentiary inmates,
and the School of Sobriety, the only free treatment program in Nevada for alcoholics and
addicts, which is endorsed and utilized as a resource by many Northern Nevada judges.
Mark also helped establish, along with Vice President Albert Gore and former Soviet leader
Mikhail Gorbachev, the International Green Cross, which focuses on worldwide
environmental preservation.

Mark's newest book, Self-Wealth, coauthored with Valerie Bates and Dr. John Radford, is
now available at and all major bookstores. Currently, Mark is at work on his 7th

book, 90 Days to Self-Wealth, 100 Anecdotes, Witticisms & Affirmations to Live By,
scheduled for release in the year 2000.

You may reach Mark at:

[email protected]


RENE REID YARNELL is a well-loved international speaker, writer, and consultant for the
network marketing industry. Having built a successful organization with her partner of more
than 200,000 marketing representatives worldwide, she has been heavily involved in helping
shape the Network Marketing industry for well over a decade.

Formerly a Catholic nun with an M.A. in Theology, Rene has dedicated much of her life to
the field of education, beginning in the classroom in the sixties and expanding to include

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hosting both talk radio and television shows. Today, she is a regular host on Freedom Radio,
the Net's only Network Marketing broadcast.

A member of the Network Marketing Hall of Fame, Rene is considered one of the country's
most successful and sought-after authorities on network marketing and personal
development. A prolific writing career, which includes the national best-seller Your First Year
in Network Marketing and Power Multi-Level Marketing, (both coauthored with Mark Yarnell)
has become the focal point of her passion for helping people create the life of their dreams.
Her manual, The Encyclopedia of Network Marketing, is used as part of the University
Certificate Seminar she cofounded and teaches in the U.S. and abroad. Having recently
released another book on the subject, The New Entrepreneurs: Making a Living – Making a
Life in Network Marketing, Rene introduces the industry to professionals leaving the cor-
porate world. A great prospecting tool, this book has a companion program in both
audiocassette and MP3 formats.

Mark and Rene's impact on the world of network marketing has garnered a litany of awards
and distinctions, including being named "Greatest Networker in the World" by Upline
magazine. They cofounded the International Green Cross with vice-president Al Gore and
former Soviet prime minister Mikael Gorbachev to address worldwide environmental
preservation issues.

From 1989 to 1993, Rene served in the elected position of County Commissioner in her
hometown of Reno, Nevada, where she has lived for 20 years. She founded and serves on
the local board of

Project Restart, a program committed to assisting the homeless in Northern Nevada. Rene
has two grown children: a son, Chris Grove, and a daughter by marriage, Amy Yarnell.

You may reach Rene Reid Yarnell at:

[email protected]


To order her books and

training materials:

888-285-6316 (U.S.)

801-225-9520 (outside U.S.)

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