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Hand. Hold your tongue, you scoundrel, or I'll make you marry her.
Splash. No, sir, I thank you, not while there's a halter in the world.
Aurel. Mr. Mandeville —Mr. Mandeville !
Splash. There, sir, your wife's calling you. Throw your arms round

her neck.
Mand. Silence, puppy ! I'll throw her into the fish pond, and myself

after her.

Aurel. Why, you're not half so loving as my first husband was.
Mand. Loving, eh 1 Why, you sister of Satan —you antidote to

love —you bride for Belzebub ! I havn't seen you yet ; but let me look
at your vinegar face, that I may know the summit of my bliss.

Mandeville pulls off the hood and discovers Aurelia.
Aureiia ! then I see it all.

Splash. Yes, sir, —shall I take you to Bedlam, now !
Mand. I have been outwitted, indeed.
Splash. Yes, sir ; —you may deceive a maid, perhaps a wife ; but, in

future, take care how you tackle with a widow.
Mand. I feel the justice of it, and I bless you for the lesson you hare

given me.
Aurel. [to Splash.] Have you no one to give you a lesson, too


Splash. Oh. no ; the lessons I receive are too valuable to be given
away. I paid a guinea for the first this morning.

Lucy. Never mind, Splash*, you shall have them cheaper for the

Splash. Oh, bless you.
Aurel. Then our happiness is complete, if the friends around us will

but grant their forgiveness to the thoughtless follies of th«


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