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TitleYoga for the Three Stages of Life: Developing Your Practice As an Art Form, a Physical Therapy, and a Guiding Philosophy
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                            Title Page
Part One: Yoga Siddhanta, or Theory
	1. My Studies with Sri T. Krisnamacarya and Others
	2. The Story of Patanjali
	3. What Is Yoga?
	6. The Eight-Part Yoga and Its Ten Commandments
Part Two: Yoga Sadhana, or Practice
	9. Sarvangasana and Sirsasana
	11. Pascimatanam
	12. Padmasana and Other Postures for Yoga Sadhana
	13. Yogic Breathing Exercises and Their Health Benefits
	16. Antaranga Sadhana
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your spine and keep it on the floor; your neck should also be
stretched so that your chin is not pointing upward but toward
the chest. Close your eyes and do a few breaths. This is known
as suptā padmāsana (supta means “lying down”). Now place
your palms on the floor by the sides of your body, press your
palms, and on exhaling raise the padma portion up to about
ninety degrees and then, inhaling, return to suptapadmāsana.
Repeat the movements six times. This helps to work on the
lower hips and also helps to counter the ache one may develop
owing to the stretching of the back in suptapadmāsana.


Yogamudrā (pārśva)


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Suptapadmāsana (vinyāsa)



The posture ūrdhvapadmāsana, described in chapter 9, was
included as a variation of sarvāṅgāsana. The same āsana can
be done from suptapadmāsana. Exhale and raise your trunk as

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