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TitleWitches of East End (The Beauchamp Family)
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                            Epigraph 1
Epigraph 2
Prologue - The Town at the Edge of Nowhere
Memorial Day Hearts Desire
Chapter One - Cat Scratch Fever
Chapter Two - Country Mouse
Chapter Three - Home Fires
Chapter Four - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Chapter Five - Sister Talk
Chapter Six - A Knot in Her Belly
Chapter Seven - A New Boy
Chapter Eight - Gift Horse
Chapter Nine - Love the One You’re With
Chapter Ten - Witch Business
Chapter Eleven - The Sunshine of Her Life
Chapter Twelve - Library Fines
Chapter Thirteen - Aftershocks
Chapter Fourteen - Friends with Benefits
Chapter Fifteen - A Certain Wild Magic
Chapter Sixteen - Friend or Fraud
Chapter Seventeen - Midsummer Night’s Dream
Chapter Eighteen - The Patron Saint of Lost Causes
Danger Brewing
Chapter Nineteen - Rhinemaiden
Chapter Twenty - Darkness Visible
Chapter Twenty-One - The Only Way to Avoid Temptation . . .
Chapter Twenty-Two - The Long Road Home
Chapter Twenty-Three - Missing
Chapter Twenty-Four - Angel of Death
Chapter Twenty-Five - Finger-Pointing
Chapter Twenty-Six - The Worm Turns
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Heart Sick
Chapter Twenty-Eight - The Hidden Door
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Husbands and Wives
Chapter Thirty - The First Stone
Chapter Thirty-One - Marooned
Chapter Thirty-Two - Thief in the Night
Chapter Thirty-Three - Safe House
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Vampires of Manhattan
Chapter Thirty-Five - The Covenant of the Dead
Chapter Thirty-Six - Family Secrets
Chapter Thirty-Seven - The Salem Trials
The Gods Must be Crazy
Chapter Thirty-Eight - A Good Offense Is a Good Defense
Chapter Thirty-Nine - The Brief Wonderful Life of Tyler Alvarez
Chapter Forty - Twenty Questions
Chapter Forty-One - The Poisoned Tree
Chapter Forty-Two - Götterdämmerung
Chapter Forty-Three - The Curse of Freya and Balder
Chapter Forty-Four - The Labyrinth
Chapter Forty-Five - Trickster’s Queen
Chapter Forty-Six - The Judgment of the Council
Chapter Forty-Seven - Law and Order
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Page 103

meant to be empty. She was surprised when the Gardiners arrived. Perhaps there
was more to their appearance than she’d imagined?
Joanna noticed the immense sand dunes that surrounded the house. She could

not recall seeing such large ridges on Gardiners Island before. As she passed by
them, she had the distinct feeling of being watched. The dunes were like little
mountains of men, hillocks with eyes and strange noses; when she brushed
against one it felt more like granite than sand. She squinted into the far horizon.
Then she saw it. The silvery spot in the ocean had moved. It lapped about the
shores of Gardiners Island, surrounding it in a dark perimeter.
She reached into her pocket and put on her gloves, a pair of nice, thick leather

gloves that kept her hands warm in the winter, and knelt by the lapping waves.
She had to see what was in the water.
The raven croaked a warning and Joanna soothed her pet. “Don’t worry, these

gloves are made from serpent-skin—nothing will penetrate.” The gray-haired
witch knelt down on the slippery rocks and dipped her finger in the black water.
Joanna rubbed her fingers and brought them to the light. The scientists still

had no explanation for the explosion, nor had they managed to identify the toxic
material that had seeped into the ocean waters. The townspeople had been
advised to continue to refrain from fishing, swimming, and eating any local
seafood. Worse, no one could tell the residents how they planned to clean the
ocean or what could be done about it. No one was sure what it .
She wiped her fingers together, assessing the liquid between them. It looked

and felt slippery, but when she pressed a little further, she discovered there was
something more to it. It was grainy and brittle, a hard, transparent crystal. Joanna
felt a deep queasiness inside her soul. This was very bad. Whatever it was, she
understood now why she had avoided dealing with it for as long as she could—
had tried not to dwell on the broken seam boundaries, the gray darkness, the
feeling of despair and anxiety that had settled into town. She remembered what
Ingrid had told her: that the women of North Hampton were finding themselves
barren, and a number of animals had died suddenly with no apparent cause.
Joanna lifted her wand. The containment spell would not hold for long. It

would stop the poison from spreading but only for a short period of time. She
could not meet this unknown danger alone; this was beyond her powers or
understanding, and she knew immediately she would have to get help.
Reinforcements. She and her daughters could not meet this threat alone. She
removed her gloves and threw them in the water. Already there was a small hole
right on the fingertip where she had held the dark crystal.

Page 104

chapter twenty-one

The Only Way to Avoid
Temptation . . .

The Friday night of the Fourth of July weekend, with the waters still off-limits,
tourists had practically disappeared from the town, but the locals were still going
to celebrate. At the North Inn Bar, Bon Jovi was blasting, and even if it was
nowhere near midnight there were already a bunch of girls dancing on tables,
camisole straps falling from their shoulders, their jeans loose and low on their
As usual, Bran was out of town, and this would be their longest separation yet,

as he was traveling through Southeast Asia this time with a large group of
donors. She thought she would be used to it by now, and chided herself for being
so weak.
To make herself feel better, Freya turned up the volume even louder, just as

Killian Gardiner walked into the bar. She tried not to tense up, but felt her skin
blush just at the sight of him and the flash of his sexual history, seeing a vision
of herself in his arms as he kissed her down the entire length of her naked body.
Yet it was firmly in the past, and as long as she kept her distance that was how it
would remain. No matter how many dreams she had about him. He could
fantasize about her all he wanted, he could replay that bathroom scene over and
over again until the world ended, but nothing would ever happen between them
again, she would see to that.
“Hey,” he said, sliding over and taking a seat right in front. How did that

happen? She was sure every seat had been taken, but at his appearance the crowd
had parted like the rivers of the Nile.
“Killian,” she said curtly. “I told you to leave me alone.”
“I wanted to see you. Besides, Bran’s away now. The coast is clear.” Killian

smiled. He picked up the laminated menu with the list of magical cocktails.
“Love the hearts—very cute.”
It had been Sal’s corny idea to add the hearts. Freya wished she hadn’t

allowed him to talk her into it, but she hadn’t wanted to hurt her boss’s feelings.
She watched Killian read the menu, a sardonic smile on his face, wishing he

Page 205

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