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Wireless Personal Area Networks

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 IEEE Project 802 and 802.15 Working

 Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1)
 Coexistence (IEEE 802.15.2)
 LR-WPAN (ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4)

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Channel Classification

• Since master device needs channel condition tables
of its slaves, the tables can be exchanged using
LMP messages

• It is also possible to use implicit classification
methods such as negative ACKs, in which cases
the slave does not have to send any additional
information to the master

• Overall classification time can be reduced by
grouping channels to blocks, which naturally
reduce the accuracy

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Channel Classification

• In ‘Adaptive Frequency Hopping’ method,
global state of each FH channel is needed

• The master obtains it by taking a weighted
average of its own channel state and all the
active slaves’ channel states

• Finally, a global channel state for one sub-
channel is obtained by threshold
comparison of the average, which have
value in [0,1]

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My Universal Privilege Device

 Announces my access privileges to
things & services. Maybe identity &
authentication as well

 At home, I am the superuser. At
office, a humble worker :-)

 Only works on me. Talks to the
various login controls and hooks
me up with minimum hassle

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