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White Teeth


Zadie Smith

"A rich, ambitious and often hilarious delight'

Independent on Sunday

"A rollicking, thundering, good-natured, ironic blast of a debut; a story that
bowls along on an energy so raucous, smart-mouthed and fast that the force of it
almost steamrollers the many plots and characters that make up its multi cultured
20th-century British family saga... so readable and good-hearted ... a book full of
admirable energy and salvaged joie de vivre, a truly epic, shining piece of life'
Scotsman "Outstanding ... A strikingly clever and funny book with a passion for
ideas, for language and for

White Teeth

"Quirky, sassy and wise ... a big, splashy, populous production reminiscent of
books by Dickens and Salman Rushdie .. . demonstrates both an instinctive
storytelling talent and a fully fashioned voice that's street-smart and learned,
sassy and philosophical all at the same time In what will surely rank as one of
her generation's most precocious debuts, Smith announces herself as a writer of
remarkable powers' The New York Times "An extraordinarily accomplished first
novel, a new voice that will give its readers hope for a multicultural society'
Financial Times "Exceptional talent.. . Smith writes like an old hand, and,
sometimes, like a dream' New Yorker "Extremely funny .. . witty and fresh with
authenticity .. . Smith is not merely telling a story, she is creating a world .. .
White Teeth is one of the best first novels of recent years, characterized by a
sharp intelligence, a love of words and a broad range of allusion, both to
literature and pop culture' Literary Review "A great big blast of a novel'

"Has energy, pace, humour and fully formed characters; it is blissfully free of the
introversion and self-conscious detail that mar many first novels .. . the dialogue

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less. He watched it scurry away, over his

hand. He watched it dash along the table, and through the hands of those who
wished to pin it down. He watched it leap off the end and disappear through an
air vent. Go on my son! thought

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