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TitleWhere did you sleep last night? : a personal history
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Also by Danzy Senna
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I am truly grateful to the New York Public Library’s Cullman Center for
Scholars and Writers for providing the space, time, and resources as I embarked
on this project, with special thanks to Jean Strouse and Adriana Nova. My
thanks to my editor, Jonathan Galassi, for his belief in this story, and for his
encouragement, patience, and wisdom. Thank you to Gena Hamshaw, for her
attentiveness, advice, and friendship throughout the process; to Wah-Ming
Chang, for her special efforts on behalf of this book; and to my wonderful agent,
Sarah Chalfant, for her help in shaping this idea and for finding a good home for
For those conversations, which directly and indirectly helped me through the

process, thank you: Carol Munter, Jim Kincaid, Jennifer Egan, Farai Chideya,
Maceo Senna, and my newfound aunts, Carla Latty and Crescentia “Sugar”
Thank you to Catholic Week and Catholic Charities for providing much

needed materials.
I am ever grateful to Betty Jean Foy and Yvonne Jones, who welcomed me

into their homes and were my guides on my trip to Alabama, offering me
invaluable information about our family history. Thank you to Willie Maryland
at the Alabama State Archives, the late, great Odessa Redding, Dr. Norman C.
Francis of Xavier University, and Xavier University of Louisiana archives.
Thank you to my husband who was at the other desk writing as I wrote this,

and whose love and support sustained me as I struggled to tell this story.
To my father, who shared his life stories with me and included me in his own

investigation into the truth of his origins, this story in so many ways belongs to
you. Thank you for understanding—as one writer to another—that we all have
our own truth to tell.

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Copyright © 2009 by Danzy Senna
All rights reserved

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First edition, 2009
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Senna, Danzy.
Where did you sleep last night? : a personal history / Danzy Senna.—1st ed. p.

ISBN-13: 978-0-374-28915-7 (hardcover : alk. paper)

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