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1.0 Project Description

In this section, the researchers discussed the overview of the current state of

technology of the clientele, the project objectives which consist of the general and

specific objectives of the system, scope and limitations where the researchers stated

the scope of the project and the system‟s general constraints, as well as the

significance of the project.

1.1 Overview of the current state of technology

The birth of Internet empowers today‟s generation to maximize the use of

technology. Many businessmen use the internet for marketing and work-related purposes.

The advantage of using the Internet is almost near to infinity. Nowadays, internet is no

longer just about e-mail and websites. The net has become the critical medium, powering

a growing list of revenue-generating business activities from e-commerce and e-supply

chain management to online marketplaces and collaboration. The sum of all these

activities can acquire the term web services. Students and teachers use the internet for

academic information interchange.

In relation to academics, internet nowadays is truly a big help to schools whether

in primary, secondary, or tertiary level. Schools today already have websites where the

different services such as online enrollment, online admission tests, online university

application and others are being utilized. The school services have been developed by the

internet in the present day and it made efforts less complex.

Marcelo H. del Pilar High School, formerly Provincial High School (MHPNHS),

which later became the Bulacan High School, was founded in Baliuag in 1902, under the

leadership and administration of two American teachers. It resembled then an elementary

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school and was only called a high school to entice boys and girls studying Spanish to

enrol. The first year class, which signalled the start of the school, was formally organized

in 1905. The first building of the school, constructed in Malolos in 1906 was used until

1950. In 1918 the elementary classes were pulled out making the school a purely

secondary school. In 1951, through Republic Act No. 618 the school‟s name was changed

to Marcelo H. del Pilar High School in honor of the great hero and propagandist, Marcelo

H. del Pilar, a native of Bulacan. Today, the school stands on a 9.3 hectare lot in Sta.

Isabel which cost the provincial government 1.8 million pesos. The school‟s big

enrolment which has continuously increased through the years and which could no longer

be accommodated in the old site with a total land area of only 3.5 hectares. However, the

old school having been repaired by the provincial government is being utilized by the

Bulacan Public Community College.

Throughout the years and within the limits of its resources, MHPNHS has stood

for academic excellence and discipline as its guiding principles. MHPNHS seeks also to

develop the teenage students spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically and socially

through the various disciplines to become an individual who can survive and get ahead

in, and cope with this highly complex and competitive world. It further seeks to develop

the del Pilarian into a responsible member of the Philippine society.

One of the important services offered by MHPNHS is their Guidance Service. It

is geared to assists the students achieve maximum development of their potentials both in

academic and non-academic aspects and enable them to be functional, work oriented,

productive and self-directing individuals. The Guidance Center helps the students

understand their strengths and limitations and to enable them to adjust to their social and

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