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TitleWay of the Wise, The: Simple Truths for Living Well
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1 Words That Pack a Wallop
2 “Jesus and God, Jesus and God, That’s All They Talk about—Jesus and God”
3 Jesus Ain’t the Big, Bad Wolf
4 Attention, Walmart Shoppers: Jesus Has Left the Building
5 I’m All Yours—All 96 Percent!
6 The Marines (and God) Need a Few Good Men . . . and Women
7 You’re the Potter, I’m the Clay . . . But I Do Have a Few Suggestions
8 God Doesn’t Want to Be Your #1
9 God Is Not Your Copilot
10 The Road Less Traveled . . . Has Fewer People on It
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But there’s a promise associated with that too—a better deal
than you can ever get with any human being. James 4:8 says
that when you choose to move close to God, he comes closer to
you. But as the bumper sticker says, “If you feel far away from
God, guess who moved?”
That puts the onus on us. What is the Scripture really saying?

“I’ll become real to you and fellowship with you, but it’s your
move. You’ve got to move toward me. And when you choose to
do so, you’ll know my love and faithfulness are never-ending.”

“Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck.”

Put your iPod earphones on and you’ll hear nothing. But flip the “on” switch and
the sudden blaring of sound will surround you.

For anything productive to happen between you and your Maker, guess who has
to flip the switch?


God’s love and faithfulness surround you
and are free for the taking.

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The Marines (and God) Need a
Few Good Men . . . and Women

Then you will win favor and in the sight of God and man.

or years I’ve known Jerry Kindall, a former major league
baseball player who won the American League Championship
with the Minnesota Twins. He was also the head baseball coach
at the University of Arizona, where he won three national titles
in college ball. Like most athletes who win championships, he’s
got a ring that could choke a horse. It’s huge. When you see it,
you can’t miss it.
One day I ran into Jerry’s wife. She was wearing a beautiful

diamond pendant.
“Wow,” I said, “that’s a lovely necklace.”
“Oh,” she said happily, “didn’t I tell you about that? My Jerry

gave it to me.”
As God is my judge, instinctively I knew where that pendant

came from. “Not the ring,” I said.
She nodded. “The ring.”
Jerry had taken his championship ring to the jeweler, had the

diamond removed to make a necklace for his wife, then melted
down the ring and made four pins for his children.
Later, when I saw Jerry, I asked, “Jerry, how could you do

that?” I was still in shock. I know professional athletes are all
competitive people who want to win, and that ring is a symbol
of winning. That’s why I cringed when I first heard about it. I

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