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1. Name :

2. Age :

3. Sex :

4. Monthly Income :

5. How often do you consume mineral water?

a) Always b) Sometimes

c) Often d) Never

6. When felling thirsty you opt for?

a) Mineral water b) Soft drink

7. How many brands of mineral water are you aware of?

a) 0-2 b) 3-5

c)6-10 d) 10 and above

8. Under what circumstances you opt for mineral water?

a) While traveling

b) During parties, meeting, seminars

c) When drinking water is not available

d) During illness

e) Others

9. Which size of bottle do you prefer?

a) 500 ml b) 1 ltr.

c) 5 Itr d) 20 Itr

10. Do you think mineral water is much more hygienic than normal water?

a) Yes b)No

11. Do you think the price the companies are charging, is worth the product?

a) Yes b) No

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12. Does advertising of this product has any effect on your purchase?

a) Yes b)No

13. Do you think Indians are getting more health conscious day by day?

a) Yes b) No

14. Which brand do you prefer while buying mineral water?

a) Bisleri b) Kinley

c) Aquafina d) other

How many brands of mineral water do you sell (specify)?

a) 2-3 b)3-5

c) More

15. What types of brands do you have?

a) Advertised b) Non-Advertised

c) Both

16. Which brand is selling more?

a) Bisleri b) Aquafina

c) Kinley d) Others

17. Which size of bottle is selling more?

a) 500 ml b) 1 Itr

c)51tr d) 20 Itr

18. On which brand do you get more margins?

a) Bisleri b) Aquafma

c) Kinley d) Others

19. Do you feel there is growth in the mineral water market in the last 5 years?

a) Yes b) No

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