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Titlewater and light competition among multiple species
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demands (5, 7.5 and 10 mm d

). The soil was initialized with θ = θfc throughout the soil

profile. The transpiration demand was set to values representing average, high, and very

high transpiration depending on the scenario of interest. I used 5 mm d

as the average

because this is the reference ETo (Allen et al., 1998) for a day with 25 °C maximum and

10 °C minimum temperature, 25 MJ m

solar radiation, 1.25 kPa of vapor pressure, and

2.5 m s

wind speed in summer in mid latitudes. Higher radiation, drier air, or higher

wind speed can increase the evaporative demand. During the simulations the soil was

allowed to dry due to transpiration assuming no evaporation from the soil surface and no


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