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Halfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling Thief

- - - - 1111 - - - -

You Thieving Little You Thieving Little You Thieving Little You Thieving Little B****!B****!B****!B****!
Halfling Thief Characters in Warhammer Quest

by Gav Thorpe

Halflings are well known for their nimble feet and even
nimbler fingers. While many follow their fathers and turn
their dextrous skills to works of craft such as basket
making, cobbling and cookery (in fact a lot of cookery)
many also find themselves drawn towards the danger and
excitement of stealing. Of course, Halflings never take
anything too valuable (except by accident) as that would
not be nice to the person who previously owned the item.
Nonetheless, it is surprising the number of things that go
'missing' when a Halfling is about. The poor little chaps
don't know they're doing it half the time, they just seem to
acquire rings, boxes of matches and small pets as they go
about their normal business.

In fact, Halflings have a very relaxed attitude towards
property in general, and casually swap items with one
another all of the time (mostly without realising they're
actually swapping). Halfling birthdays are a celebration of
this attitude and many gifts are freely given away by the
Halfling whose birthday it is (usually as a consequence of
inviting another twelve Halflings to your house and then
falling asleep after dinner).

Many Halflings find that the skills which were taught to
them as part of their natural childhood and adolescence are
frowned upon by people outside of the Moot. They also
find themselves very popular with certain organisations,
such as the Thieves Guild and the local Watch patrol.

As can be expected, the speed and agility of Halfling
Thieves has been noted by many of those who seek their

fortune delving into abandoned Dwarf Holds and
performing mighty deeds in dungeons. Halflings make
excellent bait for monster traps and are usually quick and
lucky enough to escape once the monster has fallen for the
trap. Their diminutive size allows them to be pushed
through sewers, under badly fitting gates and into rat-
infested nooks and crannies. As you might tell, a Halfling
is considered by some to be the most essential piece of
dungeoneering equipment you could get.

Despite this rough treatment, most Halfling 'Treasure and
Property Removal Experts' don't mind popping down the
odd dungeon. With a couple of big, burly trained bullies
and a sneaky looking wizard to back you up, the City
Watch don't come calling at your door so often! Besides,
where else can you find so many gifts; pretty gems, silver
plates, Swords of Mystical and Magical Significance. Not
only all that, someone actually listens to what you're
saying, even if they do decide to ignore you completely
when you finished giving your advice.

Famous Halfling Thieves from the history books include:
Nikkit Kwik (also known as the Burglar of Brionne),
Bumblebean Lightfoot, Nifflet 'Statue Stealer' Stumbly,
and the Halfling who once managed to steal the Great bell
out of the Temple of Sigmar in Nuln, 'Two-feet-tall'
Telworth Buttercup. The 'King of Thieves' is the renowned
Ned Neddley, responsible for stealing almost anything that
wasn't nailed down (and if he had a claw hammer with
him, he'd steal the nails too).

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Halfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling Thief

- - - - 2222 - - - -


You may start as a Battle-level 1 Halfling Thief instead of
one of the Warriors from the Warhammer Quest box.
Make the Halfling Thief Warrior Card and his Lunch Box
Equipment card.


Wounds 2D6
Move 4
Weapon Skill 2
Ballistic Skill 4 +
Strength 2
Toughness 2
Initiative 4
Attacks 1
Pinning Roll 3+

Special Rules

A Halfling Thief is very good at ducking and dodging, and
is most useful when scouting ahead. The Halfling Thief
can use his excellent hearing and sight to Explore, just as if
he had the Lantern. The Halfling only has to be within 2
board sections of the Lantern to avoid being lost in the
dark, rather than 1 board section. Every time the Halfling's
exploration shows a Dungeon Room, roll a dice. On a roll
of a 6 turn over the next Event card to see what is in the
room. You do not have to resolve the Event until you enter
the room. Place the card on the board as a reminder.

Whenever the Warriors find treasure roll 1D6. On a roll of
5 or 6 the Halfling Thief has found some more. After the
treasure has been handed out, the Halfling Thief may draw
another treasure card and keep it for himself. This does not
count towards his total for the dungeon.


The Halfling Thief starts the game with a Short Sword
which has a strength of 2 and a Short Bow with a strength
of 1.


The Halfling Thief also starts with the Lunch Box
equipment card. The Halfling's Lunch Box is full of spicy
pies, sugared fruits and other goodies, which he casually
munches through the adventure.

Once per turn the Halfling Thief may delve around in his
Lunch Box for a suitable snack. Roll 1D6 at any time
during the turn. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 he finds something
tasty and heals 1 Wound. The Lunch Box is rather large so
there is no limit to the number of times he can do this. He
can do this even when he is on zero Wounds.


Halfling Thieves and Events

Halfling Thieves are terribly nosy and like little more than
to spend all day gossiping. If there is an opportunity for
gaining information or to investigate someone or
something suspicious or mysterious, the Halfling Thief
must seize the moment and do so.

Halfling Thieves and Equipment / Treasure

The Halfling Thief's short bow allows him to fire a number
of shots per turn equal to his attacks characteristic.
Halfling Thieves may carry any items, treasure or
weapons, but they are limited to what they can use.
The Halfling Thief may not use the following pieces of
equipment or treasure:

Longsword, Greatsword, Broad sword, Battleaxe,
Warhammer, Flail, Halberd. Musket, Horse, Warhorse. He
may not wear armour of any kind (it doesn't come in
Halfling sizes).

Berserker sword, Giant Bane, Deathsword, Ogre Blade.
Dispel Magic Scroll, Energy Jewel, Amulet of Fury,
Crown of Night, Talisman of Jet, Destroy Magic Scroll,
Boots of Battle, Gauntlet of Damzhar.

Chalice of Sorcery, Book of Arcane Knowledge, Brooch of
Power, Wand of Jade, Crown of Sorcery, Tablet of Edain,
Wand of Diabolum, The Hammer Of Sigmar, Sword of
Destruction, Gromril Blade, Hydra Sword, Axe of Slaying,
Staff of Command.

If a Halfling Thief somehow ever gets his hands on a Lock
Pick Set he gets a +1 modifier to his roll for using them.

Halflings and Food

A Halfling Thief will never give food to anybody unless he
considers he has enough left for an adequate meal.
Whenever you want to heal another Warrior with
provisions from your store you must first roll 1D6. If the
total is under the number of provisions you have left you
may heal the other Warrior as normal.

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Halfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling Thief

- - - - 7777 - - - -

3-4 You get the normal selling price for the item.

5 You get the item at + 10% of its normal selling

6 You manage to sell the item for its full value.

Items which do not have a selling price listed (such as
items available from the Elven Quarter) count half their
full price as their normal selling price. This only applies to
Halfling Thieves selling their items to Fences, not to
anybody who wishes to sell an item with no listed selling
price. Once you have rolled on the table above you must
sell the item, whether you like the price or not!

To assist his attempt at the Burglary, a Halfling Thief may
spend one or more days Planning. The maximum number
of days he can spend Planning in a single Settlement is
equal to his Battle-level. These can be split between
several burglaries if he wishes or all used on the same
target. The days spent Planning must be consecutive, and
during this time the Halfling may do nothing else. While
Planning, the Halfling is hidden away and avoids contact
with other people, so there is no need to roll on the
Settlement Events table for each day. The Halfling must
declare at the start of this period how many days he is
going to spend Planning. After the last day of Planning, the
Halfling carries out the Burglary.

For each day spent Planning roll 1D6. On a roll of a 6 the
Halfling has learned something new. He may add +1 to the
subsequent Burglary roll. This is cumulative, so if he
manages to spend three days successfully Planning he will
gain +3 to his Burglary roll, for example.

At the end of his last day of Planning the Halfling Thief
sets all of his plans in motion and performs the Burglary.
A Halfling may perform a Burglary without any Planning
or rumours at all. If he has not done any Planning he will
not have any bonuses to his Burglary roll, while without
the knowledge of rumours he may walk into a trap.

Whatever his Planning or state of readiness, first off all
roll 1D6; on a roll of a 1 the rumours were wrong! Roll
again on the Rumour Table to see what the reality is. If it
indicates that the Watch is there (i.e. a roll of a one on the
Guards table) then you are Caught and must abort the

If you have not already gathered any rumours for this
target, generate them now, to see if any modifiers apply to

the dice rolls. If you roll a 1 on the Guards table you are

Regardless of the truth of the rumours, now roll 1D6 on
the following table, applying any modifiers from rumours,
Planning or any other source. A roll of a 1 is always a 1,
irrespective of modifiers.

Burglary Table

Roll Result
1 Stop Thief! The Watch apprehend you in the act

and you are Caught. The Burglary has failed

2-3 After all of your careful preparations you are
disturbed and flee empty handed.

4 You are slightly hurried but manage to get in.

5 You have quite a while to search out the
'bargains'. You may try to find and steal 1D3
items before there is any risk of being caught.

6 You have loads of time! You may try to find and
steal 1D6 items before there is any risk of being

To steal an item you must make its stock roll for it,
applying any modifiers. Stock rolls are fully discussed in
the Warhammer Quest rulebook. You may only steal one
of each item, but there is no limit to the amount of rolls
you can make before you successfully find the item.
However, this is not without risk: if you ever fail a stock
roll and one or more of the stock dice is a 1, you are
Caught by the Watch and must try to escape (see below).

Whenever a Halfling Thief enters a shop for any reason he
may attempt to steal something. To do so he must make a
stock roll as normal, but modified by -4. If the Halfling
enters the shop solely for the purpose of theft there is a
further -1 modifier to the stock roll due to his suspicious

There is no limit to the number of items he may attempt to
shoplift, but cannot shoplift more than 1 of a single item
(or a batch, such as D6 bandages). This is unaffected by
any purchases he makes. You may only enter a store once
per Settlement, as usual, whether you go there to shoplift,
purchase or both.

If the Halfling fails the adjusted stock roll, he is Caught
and may be punished.

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Halfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling ThiefHalfling Thief

- - - - 8888 - - - -

Throughout his escapades there are many situations that
say the Halfling Thief has been Caught (OH NO!). The
Halfling Thief immediately loses whatever he was caught
stealing, from that particular store or location. To escape
capture, the Halfling Thief must roll 1D6 and add his
Initiative. If the result is an eight or more, he has given
them the slip and escapes. If he fails to do this, roll 1D6 on
the following Punishment Table:

Punishment Table

Roll Punishment
1 The Halfling is sent to Court (see below) .

2 The Halfling is beaten up and thrown out of the
settlement. He loses 1 Wound permanently and
must leave the settlement immediately.

3 The Halfling is thrown out of the settlement and
told never to let his shadow fall there again.

4-5 The Halfling Thief is summarily fined 2D6x100

6 The Halfling Thief is charged 1D6x100 gold for
the problems he has caused.

There are some results on previous charts that say you are
sent to Court. If this happens the Halfling Thief may do
nothing for the next D6 days while he languishes in jail.
Any stolen items the Halfling Thief has yet to sell are
confiscated, remove them from your Warrior sheet.

On the last day the Halfling is sent to Court and faces the
judge. You should roll 1D6 on each of the following tables
to see what the Court decides.

Crime Table

Roll Crime
1 Being a Halfling
2 Attempted Theft

3 Theft
4 Grand Theft
5 Unlawful Acquisition
6 Theft with Intent

Sentence Table

Roll Sentence
1 You are found innocent and are free to go!

Anything confiscated from you (including any
item you were caught stealing!) is returned to
your possession.

2 You are given a stern warning but left free to go.
3 1,000 Gold fine which you must pay

immediately. If you cannot, after selling items
and so on, you must pay all you have and are
thrown out of the Settlement.

4 Physical chastisement *. The judge orders you to
be physically mutilated in some way. Roll 1D6
and consult the following table:

Roll Chastisement
1-2 Ear, finger or other non-vital

appendage. This gives the Halfling a
rather more rascally look than before,
and hurts for weeks afterwards.

3-4 Leg cut off. You now move at half
your movement rate and have -2
deducted from your Initiative, plus
you may only break from Pinning on a
roll of 6. If you lose your other leg
you must retire this warrior.

5-6 Lose a Hand. You are at -1 to hit with
any weapon, if you lose both hands
you must retire.

5 1D6x5 years imprisonment* The Halfling must
be retired immediately. However, if you can roll
a 5 or 6 at the start of any adventure the Halfling
has managed to escape and he may participate
from that adventure onwards.

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