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Save money. Live better


Chapter 1

Introduction to the Retail Industry

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Save money. Live better


Health Care Benefits

The foundation of our health benefits is to provide a choice of medical coverage options

designed to protect associates from catastrophic medical costs.

Health care benefits also include Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance,

Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance, and a dental plan that covers a range of general and

major care.

Personal Benefits

Our personal benefits include such extras as discounts on child care, education, and travel.

Personal benefits also include medical and personal leaves of absence, long-term service

benefits, and even a professional and personal associate counseling service.

 Profit sharing and Stock option plans:

Wal mart believes that each of its associates is a partner in the company and

encourages stock ownership .To maintain feeling of ownership and to keep them

informed the company stock price is announced storewide ate the end of each

business day .eight percent of the Wal-Mart full time associates own stock

5.9 Current Problems and issues in HR at Walmart


Unlike its competitors in the retail industry Wal-Mart has remained non-unionized. Its

alternative is an open door policy which aims to encourage employees to take their

complaints beyond management. Wal-Mart employees commence at lower wages than

unionized corporations, quitting by the end of the first year

Low Wages:

The average Wal-Mart associate makes between a paltry $12,000 and 17,000 annually.

Suggest that the company cares more about keeping its prices low than to increase

employees‘ wages and thus, in turn, their standard of living.

Discrimination against Women:

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