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TitleVertical Jump Bible-Baggett.pdf
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Table of Contents
                            Vertical Jump Secrets
Show Me The Money
Vertical Jump 101
10 Key Qualities
Strength as The Backbone
Can Weight Training Make You Slow?
Training Loads
Specific vs General Strength
How To Train
Programming Your Master Computer
Rate of Force Development
Body Composition
Individual Differences
Body Structure and Expressions of Strength
Individual Testing
Program Components
Exercise Descriptions
Plyometric Organization
Beginners Plyometric Workout
Novice Plyometric Workout
Intermediate Plyometric Workout
Advanced Plyometric Workout
Bodyweight Strength Training Program
Novice Strength Training Program
Intermediate full "strength-focused" program
Intermediate Full "Balanced" Program
Intermediate Full "Reactive Focused" Program
Advanced Full Program
Time Efficiency Program
Mental Imagery
Jumping Technique
Importance of Calves
Platform Shoes
Muscle Fiber Type
Black vs White
What's Possible?
Secret's of The Pros
Weighted Vests
High Volume Jump Programs
My Personal Story
Frequently Asked Program Questions

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