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Welcome to Vermont



working and living


Kathryn Kramer and sarah ashby

Text © by Kathryn Kramer & Sarah Ashby

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Lesson 36: dining out

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Maria: Coca-Cola, please.

Felipe: Water for me.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Maria: Yes. I would like spaghetti with meatballs and a small salad.

Waiter: And for you, sir?

Felipe: I would like the tomato soup and the sausage pizza.

Waiter: Would you like garlic bread also?

Felipe: No, thank you.

Waiter: I will be right back with your drinks.

Polite forms of ordering

“I would like …”

“May I please have …?”

“I’ll take the …”

In the United States, some restaurants are called fast food restaurants. They

are called fast food restaurants because the food is already made and can be

served very quickly. These restaurants serve inexpensive food, which tastes

good, but often is not very healthy. It can have a lot of fat in it. Obesity is a big

problem in the U.S. and fast food restaurants are one reason why.

Questions in a Restaurant

What would you like to drink?

Are you ready to order?

Can I get you anything else?

How is everything?

Are you ready for your check?


Appetizers Salads

Soups Desserts

Entrees Beverages

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My brother Federico and I are trying to decide where to go out to eat tonight. We

are very tired of cooking, and want to eat in a restaurant. We want a restaurant

that is close, not very expensive, and has good food. The problem is, I like pizza

but Federico likes Chinese food. We both like hamburgers so maybe we will go to

the diner. But it’s only open until eight o’clock, so we have to hurry.

Waiters in the U.S. are less formal than in other countries. Sometimes they

introduce themselves.

Some waiters are well organized and know when you need something. Others

ask you how everything is many times, even when your mouth is full and you

are chewing. Some waiters give you your food and never come back. What

do you think makes a good waiter? Do you think being a waiter would be a

good job?


People usually tip between 10%

and 15%. Sometimes 20% in a

fancy restaurant or if the service is

very good.

A: Excuse me, but this is not what

I ordered.

Waiter: It isn’t?

A: Yes. I ordered fish, not pasta.

Waiter: I am so sorry, my mistake!

I will get you your dinner right


A: Thank you.


Appetizers El aperitivo

Beverages Las bebidas

Check La cuenta

Chew Mascar/Masticar

Desserts El postre

Dine/Eat out Salir a comer

Entrees El entrante / Plato principal

Hurry Apurarse / Darse prisa

I would like …

Menu El menú

Order Pedir

Restaurant El restaurante

Salads Las ensaladas

Soups Las sopas

Tip La propina

Waiter El mesero

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Lesson 37: ordering pizza

I. Fill in the blanks:

B: What would you __________________ on it?

A: ________________, __________________, & _____________________.

B: Will that be pick-up or __________________________?

A: ___________________________.

B: What ________________________?

A: ___________________________.

B: Okay, see you then.

II. List as many pizza toppings as you can remember:

_______________________________ __________________________

_______________________________ __________________________

_______________________________ __________________________

_______________________________ __________________________

_______________________________ __________________________

III. Write down directions to your house from the pizza place (get help if you need

it). _______________________________________________________





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Lesson 38: holidays

I. Fill in the blanks, using the following words:

Today I am fifteen years _____________. Tonight there will be a

______________ to celebrate. I will have a chocolate _______________

with coconut frosting. I hope my friends will give me ________________. One of

my friends, Lupita, is from Mexico. I wish I could have my fifteenth

___________________ there, because she has told me it is a big

_______________________. It is called the Quincañera.

II. Fill in the blanks o

_______________________ Birthday to you,

Happy _________________________ to you,

______________ ______________________, dear (person’s name),

______________ _______________________ _____ __________!

III. Write about your favorite holiday. Say why it is and tell about something that

happened once on that day when you celebrated it.

My favorite holiday is ______________________________________,

because _______________________________________________________



One time on _____________________________________ (name of holiday),



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