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Jyotish is based only on the Moon, and not even it's house, but rather just it's sign and

star, comared against the other person's Moon Sign and Moon Star.

That is nice, but not enough.

That explains the possibility of being "wrong" for couples.

Some couple may have good Moon compatibility, but bad Ascendents and Suns, for


True Jyotish compatibility must be done with the larger picture. But if you're in ancient

India and dealing with people who know only where the Moon was when they were born,

and do not know the date or time of their birth, nor even the city necessarily, then it's a

fine thing to do, since it uses all the possible known info.

But nowadays, since we know entire charts accurately, we are behooved to do a larger


My spouse and I have very high Moon compatibility, but my lagna is 12th to hers, since

I'm Aries rising and she's Taurus rising. This "Dwirdwadashamsha" lagna (that means

2/12 relationship) is NOT good for compatibility overall. Furthermore, her Saturn is on

my Moon, and other things....

So, there are problems between our charts that are serious problems. If we just looked at

the Moon compatibility, since it's in the 80's range, things would look rosy. In fact, we

have had serious problems that took years of work and growth (read: There was alot of


So don't be turned off at all, but rather, I hope I've helped you a little.

Many astrologers currently use both systems simultaneously. I do not. I have never

learned Western Jyotish. I think the Zodiac is incorrect, personally. But, then, I've never

tasted it really, I'll give you that.

In my Western Chart, there is Taurus rising with Sun, Venus and Mercury. People look at

that and tell me, "Oh wow, you're Mega Taurus". They see my looks and find it

confirmed because something like "I look good or opulent?"

However, I do not act like Taurus Lagna as much as Aries, and in my Vedic chart there

are other explanations for the ways and whys of me. I often find that whatever one is

"attached to" in their Western chart, that syndrome or construct is found in some other

way in their Vedic chart.

Besides, the planets in houses for the most part do not change- still have Jup/Sat conjunct

in the ninth in both for example, Mars in the 12th in both, so this sameness of planets in

houses, which is one of the most important points in both systems, is "correct" generally

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