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TitleV 6D Organization & Conduct of Biological Warfare
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Table of Contents
Authors Preface
Ch1 Army Creation & Building
Ch2 Organization, Command & Control
Ch3 Basic Biological Warfare Training
Ch4 Weapons & Warfare Concepts
Ch5 Weapons Procurement
Ch6 Weapons Design & Production
Ch7 Weapons Testing, Delivery & Field Effects
Ch8 Weapon Enhancements
Ch9 Tactics
Ch10 Defense & Protection
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Table of Contents

Preface P-1
Introduction I-1

Chapter 1 Army Creation and Building 1-1

Chapter 2 Organization Command & Control 2-1
Organization 2-1
Command 2-5
Control 2-9

Chapter 3 Basic Biological Warfare Training 3-1
Bacteria #1 Growing Your 1st Cultures 3-1
Bacteria #2 Growing S. aureus 3-3
Bacteria #3 Growing a Toxin 3-4
Bacteria #4 Testing a Toxin 3-5
Bacteria #5 Growing Botulism 3-6
Bacteria #6 Concentrating Botulinum 3-8
Bacteria #7 Manure Weapons 3-9
Plant Toxin #1 Store bought weapons 3-10
Plant #2 Making a weapon from a flower 3-11
Molds #1 Aflatoxin 3-11

Chapter 4 Weapons & Warfare Concepts 4-1
Basic Warfare Ideas 4-1
Material Handling 4-2
Plasticizing 4-3
Bullet Proof Soldiers 4-5
Enhancements 4-5
Scale Up 4-8
Surveillance 4-9
Multiplier Effects Weapons 4-9
Vectors & 3rd Parties 4-12
Target Types 4-13
Delivery 4-14
Strategy 4-21

Chapter 5 Weapons Procurement 5-1
Bacteria 5-1
Others 5-8

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12. Magnets can be used to hold delivery equipment on the tops of trucks,
bottoms of cars, and attached to any useful metal in any delivery
concept. Salt shakers held up by magnets can be used to deliver the
agents. They can be attached next to hot tailpipes and as the heat dries
the contents, it salts out under the vehicle and into the countryside.
Adhesive cake formulas do not leave behind evidence and may be a
better choice.

13. CD labels, fake labels, and even the cases can be used to arm or attack
targets. A free piece of software or music can be a powerful

14. Flyers with instructions and organisms can be air dropped into the
target area to arm citizens (or attack them). This idea was possible in
Cuba where pilots would fly from Miami to deliver leaflets into Cuba.
Bio based leaflets would be of a great deal more use and I believe
Castro would not last a week in a Cuba armed with these weapons in
every household.

15. Money can be used as a vector. Normally, cash does not preserve and
carry infectious disease very well, but special formulas can be used.
The money can be saturated in broth and dried for mass delivery to
any target under almost any condition. (One hundred one dollar bills
mailed to target vectors will quickly distribute through any target area.
To quote a famous wall street executive “greed works”)

16. Booby traps can become any pocket of material that holds dust and
releases it when disturbed. Furniture linings that are torn during police
searches can release the invisible dust and kill the individuals that are
exposed in the next few days. Road dust can be saturated and when an
enemy army passes over it and disturbs it, they become infected and
die. Tree branches can be sprayed and become lethal as soldiers brush
against them. The concept here is that these booby traps are not
mechanical and are invisible. They can be contained or free. They can
be used to defend positions, land, homes, roads strong-points and so


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