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Table of Contents
                            Read this first
Notes on using your camera
Table of contents
Enjoying the camera
	Basic techniques for better images
	Identifying parts
	Indicators on the screen
	Changing the screen display
	Number of still images and recording time of movies
	When you do not have a “Memory Stick Duo” (Recording with the internal memory)
	Battery life and number of images that can be recorded/viewed
	Using the jog dial
	Using the mode dial
	Shooting with manual adjustment
	Continuous shooting
Using the menu
	Using menu items
	Menu items
	Shooting menu
	Viewing menu
Using the Setup screen
	Using Setup items
	Camera 1
	Camera 2
	Internal Memory Tool
	Memory Stick Tool
	Setup 1
	Setup 2
Using your computer
	Enjoying your Windows computer
	Installing the software (supplied)
	Copying images to your computer
	Viewing image files stored on a computer with your camera (using a “Memory Stick Duo”)
	Using the “Cyber-shot Viewer” (supplied)
	Using your Macintosh computer
Printing still images
	How to print still images
	Printing images directly using a PictBridge compliant printer
	Printing at a shop
Connecting your camera to your TV
	Viewing images on a TV screen
	Warning indicators and messages
	On the “Memory Stick”
	On the battery charger and the batteries
Document Text Contents
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Digital Still Camera

User’s Guide/

2-673-176-11(1)© 2006 Sony Corporation

Additional information on this product and answers

to frequently asked questions can be found at our

Customer Support Website.

Printed in Japan

Printed on 100% recycled paper using VOC (Volatile
Organic Compound)-free vegetable oil based ink.

Digital Still Camera

User’s Guide/


“Read This First” (separate volume)

Explains the set-up and basic operations for
shooting/playback with your camera.

Operating Instructions
Before operating the unit, please read this manual and
“Read This First” (separate volume) thoroughly, and retain
it for future reference.

Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom.
Record the serial number in the space provided below.
Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony
dealer regarding this product.

Model No. DSC-H2/H5

Serial No. ___________________________

the camera

Using the menu

Using the Setup

Using your computer

Printing still images

Connecting your
camera to your TV




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To reduce fire or shock hazard, do
not expose the unit to rain or


For Customers in the U.S.A.

This symbol is intended to
alert the user to the presence
of uninsulated “dangerous
voltage” within the product's
enclosure that may be of
sufficient magnitude to
constitute a risk of electric
shock to persons.

This symbol is intended to
alert the user to the presence
of important operating and
maintenance (servicing)
instructions in the literature
accompanying the appliance.

Page 61


sing the S

etup screen
For details on the operation 1 page 56

Selects the anti-blur mode.

• When shooting movies, [Continuous] is activated even if you select [Shooting].
• You can turn off the anti-blur function using the (STEADY SHOT) button when the mode dial is not

set to . (t step 5 in “Read This First”)
• The anti-blur function may not work properly in the following cases.

– When camera shake is too strong
– When the shutter speed is slow, for example, shooting night scenes

Sets for achieving appropriate focus when attaching a conversion lens (not supplied). Attach
the supplied adaptor ring, then attach a conversion lens.

• When using the built-in flash, the flash light may be blocked, causing the shadow to appear.
• The available zoom area is limited.
• The available focusing area is limited.
• For details, see the operating instructions supplied with your conversion lens.


Shooting Activates the anti-blur function when pressing the shutter
button halfway down.

Continuous Always activates the anti-blur function. You can stabilize
images even when zooming up a far subject.
• Battery consumption is faster than in [Shooting] mode.

Conversion Lens

Close-up ( ) Attaches a close-up lens.

Tele ( ) Attaches a tele conversion lens.

Wide ( ) Attaches a wide conversion lens.

Off Does not attach a lens.

Page 62

For details on the operation 1 page 56 Internal Memory Tool

This item does not appear when a “Memory Stick Duo” is inserted in the camera.

The default settings are marked with .

Formats the internal memory.
• Note that formatting irrevocably erases all data in the internal memory, including even protected images.

1 Select [OK] with v on the control button, then press z.
The message “All data in internal memory will be erased Ready?” appears.

2 Select [OK] with v, then press z.
The format is complete.


OK See the following procedure.

Cancel Cancels the formatting.

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