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Use of English B2 for all exams
E. Moutsou

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Page 93

unit IQ
SECTION 2 (ECCE format)

Choose the correct answer.

1. The teacher got the students________
a. clean b. to clean
c. cleaned d. cleaning


2. You to go to the supermarket. I have
everything we need for the cake,
a. needn't b. haven't
c. don't need d. had better not

3. The soldiers were made___________ the whole camp
a. to be painted
c. paint

4. A cousin of _________

b. to paint
d. be painted
has decided to leave her job

as a journalist and follow a career in modelling,
a. our b. ours
c. ourselves d. us

5. Could you please go to the grocery store on your way
home? W e 've____________ of tomatoes.
a. made out b. turned out
c. runout d. put out

6. You should have your hair ____________ for your
sister's wedding.
a. styling b. style
c. styles d. styled

7. Mr. Blake's party____________ to win the elections.
a. is being expected
c. is been expected

8. "Jim, don't forget _

b. is expected
d. is expect

_____Jason up from the
airport this afternoon.”
a. picking b. to pick
c. pick d. to picking

9. You must____________ a great time on your vacation.
You seem happy and relaxed.
a. have b. had
c. be had d. have had

10. This project ____________ by the end of this month.
a. will have finished b. will have be finished
c. will be finishing d. will finished

Choose the correct answer.

1. I wasn't satisfied with th e____________ I was getting,
so I decided to quit my job.
a. allowance b. income
c. salary d. reward

2. It was difficult t o ____________ the extent of the
damage at first sight.
a. predict b. suppose
c. assume d. estimate

3. We only had a few days____________ , so we decided
to go somewhere close,
a. available b. spare
c. ready d. handy

4. The student ____________ cheating on the test
although her teacher caught her in the act.

a. denied b. refused
c. rejected d. resisted

5. The third contestant managed to win _________
the difficult questions,
a. except b. on behalf
c. regardless d. thanks

Julie lost her____________ and started screaming at
her colleagues.
a. contact b. temper
c. chance d. control
As soon as I get paid, I will pay all my__________ .
a. deposits b. sums
c. debts d. budgets

8. We complained to the restaurant manager about
the____________ service.
a. scarce b. insufficient
c. short d. inadequate

9. Now that the children had grown up and were
____________ , she had a lot of free time.
a. independent b. engaged
c. incapable d. relevant

10. I want to ____________ that I turned off all the lights
of in the house, so I'll go back and check.

a. insure b. reassure
c. make sure d. inquire



Page 94


A Complete the blanks w ith the verbs follow, have or take.

_ a photograph/picture
. a seat
_ fun
.sb’s advice
. care of
.a meeting
. a test
.trouble with
. a headache/toothache

action on sth
_a party/celebration
_ a meal
. an argument/a quarrel
.a holiday
. measures
. a bath/shower
. a dream
. directions

_ the blame for sth
a look (at)

.a rest/break

.sb/sth for granted

. turns

.sth into consideration

. sb by surprise


. place
one's chance

B Read the sentences below. Complete the boxes w ith the verbs have or take and the blanks w ith prepositions.

1 Twenty two countries will

2 Every year we advantage.

3 They no respect_______

part. . this year's water polo tournament.

. the Bank Holiday and spend a long weekend at a seaside resort.

4 Before setting off on a fishing trip, you must

5 Do you any idea____

6 I no intention_______

7 The children couldn’t

8 David had no option but to

9 I


11 You need to

12 Now that I'm older, I

.their new teacher.

the weather conditions

. how to operate this contraption?

____going back to school next year.

their eyes___________the performing dolphins.

responsibility___________the company's disastrous performance.
difficulty _

no notice

__________deciding which school to go to next year.

__________what she says. She's always making up stories.

more confidence___________yourself.

no interest___________stamp collecting.
13 I am a pilot and I a lot of pride .my work.

C Read the sentences and complete them w ith the correct form of the verbs give, pay, bring or mind.
1 It's been weeks since I last__________ Helen a visit.

2 _ Henry a ring immediately. He said it was urgent.

3 What were you doing hiding behind the door? You__________ me a real shock.

4 The chairperson__________ the meeting to an end because the members of the board could not agree on a plan of action.

5 Gerry was kind enough to__________ me a lift to the railway station.

6 Passengers are asked to__________ the step when disembarking.

7 Who can__________ me an explanation for the rising sea waters?

8 The teacher got angry because nobody was__________ attention to him.

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This book systematically teaches
grammar and vocabulary and helps
students develop all the skills necessary
to succeed in all exams at B2 level.

• Consolidation Units and Practice Tests

• A reference section including an

overview of English grammar,

vocabulary notes, exam tips and

comprehensive appendices

• A Glossary

for all exams

Use of English B2 includes:
Presentation of lexical items and

grammatical structures in context

(including collocations, expressions,

phrasal verbs, words with prepositions,

prepositional phrases, key

transformations, words easily confused

and derivatives)

Clear explanations and useful exam tips

Exercises providing thorough practice

in Use of English (including multiple

choice, matching, gap filling, open and

multiple choice cloze tests, key word

transformation and word formation)

m m publications

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