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Table of Contents
                            OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL
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Important Notice
How To Use This Manual
Handling and Unpacking Instructions
Section I Theory of Operation
	1.1 General
	1.2 Rectifier/Charger
	1.3 Inverter
	1.4 Static Bypass Switch
	1.5 Batteries
	1.6 Control Logic and Control Circuitry
	1.7 Digital Monitoring Panel
	1.8 Multi-Level Passwords
	1.9 Phone Home Alarm Reporting
	1.10 Dial-Back Security
Section II Installation
	2.1 General
	2.2 Mechanical Preparation of UPS
	2.3 AC Power Connection
	2.4 Activating the Batteries
	Figure 2–2. Battery Interconnection Diagram
Section III Operation
	3.1 General
	3.2 Safety Considerations
		3.2.1 Cleanliness
		3.2.2 Fire
		3.2.3 Security/Personnel
	3.3 Radio Frequency Energy Hazard
	3.4 Digital Monitoring Panel
		3.4.1 Indicator Light
		3.4.2 Message Screens Active Alarm Condition Alarm History Input Voltage Input Current: Bypass Voltage Input/Output Frequency Inlet Temperature Rectifier/Booster Link Voltage Battery Amps Maximum Output Crest Factor Output kW/kVA Output Power Factor Output Voltage Output Current Date Time UPS Maintenance Menu Other Messages
		3.4.3 Display Select Pushbuttons
		3.4.4 Parameter Adjust Pushbuttons
		3.4.5 Alarm Silence Pushbutton
		3.4.6 Emergency Power Off Pushbutton
	3.5 System Controls
	3.6 UPS Operating Procedures
	3.6.1 System Startup Procedure
	3.6.2 Alarm Identity/History
		Table 3–1. Typical Alarm History Screens
		Table 3–2. Alarm History Messages and Descriptions with Corrective Actions
	3.6.3 UPS Maintenance Menu Rectifier Maintenance Menu Inverter Maintenance Menu SBS Maintenance Menu System Maintenance Menu Alarm Configuration Menu Communications Menu UPS Identification Menu Password Maintenance Menu
	3.6.4 System Shutdown
	3.6.5 CPU Fault
Section IV Maintenance
	4.1 General
	4.2 Safety Precautions
	4.3 Preventive (Periodic) Maintenance
		4.3.1 Air Flow
		4.3.2 Cable Connections
	4.4 Remedial Maintenance (Troubleshooting)
		4.4.1 General
		4.4.2 Status/Alarm Indicator
	4.5 Fuses
	4.6 Battery Maintenance
		4.6.1 Safety Precautions
		4.6.2 Maintenance Shutdown of Batteries
		4.6.3 Inspection and Periodic Maintenance
		4.6.4 Battery Test
		4.6.5 Battery Replacement
	Figure 4–1.
	4.6.6 Reactivating the Batteries
Section V Spares, Training, Maintenance
	5.1 Spare Parts
	5.2 Training
	5.3 Continuing Maintenance Program
Section VI Glossary
Section VII Remote Video Terminal
	7.1 General
	7.2 RS232 Interface
	7.3 UPS Maintenance Menu
	7.4 Alarm History Screen
	7.5 P-Record

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