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TitleTypePad for Dummies (ISBN - 0470550945)
TagsFor Dummies
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Table of Contents
                            TypePad® For Dummies®
	About the Authors
	Authors’ Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		Conventions Used in This Book
		What You’re Not to Read
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: The Basics of Blogging
		Chapter 1: Understanding Blogging and TypePad
			Dynamics of Blogging
			Understanding Blogging Technologies
		Chapter 2: The Benefits of TypePad
			Discovering the History of TypePad
			Blogging for Personal or Business Use with TypePad
			Choosing the Right TypePad Blogging Package
			Discovering TypePad’s Technical Support Services
	Part II: Getting Started with TypePad
		Chapter 3: Creating Your TypePad Account and Profile
			Signing Up for a TypePad Account
			Signing In to Your TypePad Account
			Creating Your TypePad Profile
		Chapter 4: Touring the TypePad Dashboard
			Understanding the Navigation Bars
			Locating Your TypePad Library
			Editing Your TypePad Account Information
			Getting Help
			Using Quick Compose
			Locating Your List of Blogs
			Answering the Question of the Day
		Chapter 5: Creating Your First Blog
			Choosing Your Basic Blog Settings
			Managing Your Design
			Checking Your Stats in the Overview
			Finding Existing Posts
			Managing Existing Comments
			Creating More Than One Blog in Your TypePad Account
		Chapter 6: Writing and Editing Your Blog Posts
			Composing Your First Blog Post
			Formatting Your Text
			Inserting Extras into Your Blog Posts
			Organizing Your Posts Using Categories
			Configuring Post Options
			Editing Existing Posts
			Understanding the Difference between Posts and Pages
		Chapter 7: Interacting on Your Blog
			Inviting Users to Comment on Your Blog
			Standard Commenting versus TypePad Connect
			Establishing Settings for Your Desired Commenting Option
			Managing Existing Comments
	Part III: Adding Useful Elements to Your TypePad Blog
		Chapter 8: Using TypeLists and Widgets
			Understanding the Different TypeLists
			Creating New TypeLists for Your Blog
			Editing and Configuring an Existing TypeList
			Finding Creative Uses for TypeLists
			Adding Blog Functions with Widgets
		Chapter 9: Adding Multimedia to Your Blog
			Creating Photo Albums and Galleries
			Podcasting on TypePad
			Adding Video to Your Blog
		Chapter 10: Exploring Social Media
			Understanding Key Social Media Sites
			Adding Your Social Networks to Your Blog
			Using Links to Track Social Media Traffic
			Understanding and Using Social Bookmarking
		Chapter 11: Finding and Using a TypePad Theme
			Grasping Basic Design Principles
			Locating and Navigating the Design Tab
			Finding and Applying a TypePad Theme
			Selecting the Layout of Your Theme
			Choosing and Ordering the Content Modules on Your Blog
			Using the Theme Builder
			Inserting an Image into Your Sidebar
			Managing Existing Designs
	Part IV: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level
		Chapter 12: Making Money with Your Blog
			Understanding How You Can Make Money with Your Blog
			Making Your Blog Attractive to Advertisers
			Using TypePad’s Own Advertising Program
			Running Your Own Advertising Campaign
		Chapter 13: Importing, Exporting, and Archiving
			Understanding TypePad’s Import and Export Options
			Importing an Existing Blog to TypePad
			Creating an Export of Your TypePad Blog
		Chapter 14: Tweaking Your TypePad Theme with Custom CSS or Advanced Templates
			Choosing Custom CSS or Advanced Templates
			Using Custom CSS
			Using Advanced Templates
	Part V: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 15: Ten Tips and Tricks
			Set Reasonable, Measurable Goals
			Use an Editorial Calendar
			Keep Solid Records
			Submit Your Site to Directories
			Use the Blog It Widget
			Blog Offline with Windows Live Writer
			Post via Your Phone
			Protect Your Writing
			Protect Your Images
			Offer E-Mail Subscriptions
		Chapter 16: Ten Places to Find TypePad Resources
			Everything TypePad Blog
			Six Apart Status Blog
			TypePad Small Business Center
			TypePad Beta Blog
			Six Apart Professional Network
			TypePad Services
			Get Satisfaction TypePad User Forum
			Six Apart’s Twitter Feed
			Blogging Basics 101
			Build a Better Blog
		Chapter 17: Ten Bloggers Using TypePad Well
			Career Hub
			Eat Local Challenge
			Economist’s View
			Hey There’s a Dead Guy In the Living Room
			Money Saving Mom
			Raisin Toast
			Smart Dog
			HELLO My Name Is Heather
		Chapter 18: Ten Blogging Etiquette Tips
			Link Frequently and Accurately
			Don’t Overly Promote Yourself in Someone Else’s Comment Section
			Don’t Ask for Reciprocal Links
			Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt
			Leave Comments Freely at Other Blogs
			Be Up Front Where Products Are Concerned
			Consider the Privacy of the People You Blog About
			Consider Your Readers’ Best Interest
			Manage the E-Mail Issue Well
			Think Before You Post
		Appendix A: Domain Mapping
			Understanding Domain Names
			Choosing a Domain Name
			Searching For and Buying Your Domain Name
			Mapping Your Domain Name to Your TypePad Account
			Deactivating Domain Mapping
		Appendix B: Third-Party Stat Counters
			Understanding Basic Traffic Terminology
			Choosing a Stat Counter
			Implementing FeedBurner
			Incorporating Google Analytics

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