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Working Papers – Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development


forthcoming book Dreaming Mobility and Buying Vulnerability: Overseas Recruitment

Practices and its Discontents in India (Routledge)

Anna Virkama has worked as Researcher in the TRANS-NET-project both at the University

of Tampere and in Université Paris VIII in France. She has also conducted fieldwork in

Morocco. Her research interests are transnational competence and student mobility. Her

most recent publication is "From Othering to Understanding: Perceiving 'Culture' in

Intercultural Communication, Education and Learning" in V. Korhonen (Ed.), Cross-cultural

Lifelong Learning (University Press, 2010).

Minna Zechner, M Soc. Sc., is working as a researcher at the University of Tampere,

Department of Social Research. Her research interest focuses on care of children and

elders, welfare state change, globalisation of care as well as migration and care. An example

of a recent publication is “Care of older persons in transnational settings”, in Journal of Aging

Studies 22 (2008).

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