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TitleTransforming Urban Waterfronts: Fixity and Flow (Routledge Advances in Geography)
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Table of Contents
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Introduction: Fixity and Flow of Urban Waterfront Change
Part I: The Waterfront and the City
	1 Maritime Ports and the Politics of Reconnection
	2 Fragmentation on the Waterfront: Coastal Squatting Settlements and Urban Renewal Projects in the Caribbean
	3 Dockland Regeneration, Community, and Social Organization in Dublin
	4 Waterfront Revitalizations: From a Local to a Regional Perspective in London, Barcelona, Rotterdam, and Hamburg
Part II: Global and Local Dynamics on the Waterfront
	5 Urban Waterfront Transformation as a Politics of Mobility: Lessons from Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct Debate
	6 London Docklands Revisited: The Dynamics of Waterfront Development
	7 San Francisco’s Waterfront in the Age of Neoliberal Urbanism
	8 New York City’s Waterfronts as Strategic Sites for Analyzing Neoliberalism and its Contestations
Part III: Naturalizing Development and Developing Nature
	9 Deep Water and Good Land: Socio-nature and Toronto’s Changing Industrial Waterfront
	10 Visibility and Contamination on the Buenos Aires Waterfront: Under the Bridges of Puerto Madero and La Boca
Part IV: New Practices of Property-Led Development
	11 The German ‘City Beach’ as a New Approach to Waterfront Development
	12 Exploring Innovative Instruments for Socially Sustainable Waterfront Regeneration in Antwerp and Rotterdam
	13 Flows of Capital and Fixity of Bricks in the Built Environment of Boston: Property-Led Development in Urban Planning?
Conclusion: Patterns of Persistence, Trajectories of Change

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