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TitleTransforming Problems Into The Dharma Path
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	About the Author
Transforming Problems Into The Dharma Path
24th August 1997
31st August 1997
7th September 1997
Amitabha Buddhist Centre
	The Merits of Producing Buddhist Teachings & Buddha Images
Subheadings (in order)
	The Nature of Mind is Pure
	The Real Causes of Unhappiness
	The Nature of the Mind
	Body and Mind
	Mental Consciousness
	The Two Types of Meditation
	The Four Noble Truths
	Breaking Through Mental Pictures
	Buddha Nature
	Change and Grasping at Impermanence
	We Are Like Children
	Relying on the External World
	Inner Growth of our Mind
	Loving Kindness and Compassion
	Compassion, Balanced with Wisdom
	Unhappiness is Impermanent
	Wisdom Realizing Emptiness
	Life’s Trivialities
	Misconception of What is Valuable in Life
	Futility of Indulging in External World
	Spread and Relevance of Buddhism
	Putting Teachings into Practice
	How to Cultivate Loving Kindness and Compassion
	How Attachment Arises
	Self-centred Attachment
	Swinging from Attachment to Aversion
	Giving Up Our Self-Cherishing
	Making Others Happy
	Pride and Arrogance
	Abandoning Our Aversion to Suffering
	Dealing with Anger
	Helping Others
	Praying for Others
	Dealing with Missionaries
	Karma and Our Life span
	Dealing With Those Who May Harm our Practice
	Dealing with Physical Danger
	How Venerable Gyatso Came to Buddhism
	Making Use of Whatever Happens
	Discriminating mind
	Discrimination Arising from the Self-Cherishing Thought
	Love and Compassion, Mixed with Attachment
	Mind of Equanimity
	How friends can become enemies
	Contemplation of previous lives
	Seven-Steps of Cause and Effect Meditation
	Lineage of Thought Transformation
	Our Approach to Life
	The Importance of Practice
	Overcoming the Fear of Problems
	Two Ways to Approach Problems
	Not Dwelling on Problems
	Developing an Attitude of Happiness When Problems Arise
	Develop Happiness that Suffering has Arisen
	Using Suffering to Generate Renunciation
	Renunciation has to grow and grow
	Objects in Samsara are Imperfect
	Taking Refuge
	The Only True Refuge
	Overcoming Pride
	Dealing with Pride in Others
	Dealing with Anger in Others
	Dealing with Our Pride as Mirrored by Others
	Abandoning Worry
	Coming to Grips with the Mind
	Dealing with the Attachment of Others
	Guarding Merit from Harm
	Transforming Problems, Transforming Happiness into the Path
	Abandoning the Thought of Aversion to Suffering
	Uselessness and Danger of Worry
	Cultivating Joy when Problems Come
	Problems are opportunities to Transform the Mind
	Renunciation Symbolized by the Lotus Seat
	Taking Refuge
	Pride: Using Problems to Deflate Our Pride
	Anger: A Destructive Emotion
	Anger Can Lead to Loneliness
	Anger Weakens Merit
	Anger Can Lead Us to Rebirth in Lower Realms
	Patience – Antidote to Anger
	Start Practice of Patience with Small Problems
	Who Presses the Buttons?
	Our Minds are not Limited
	Anger Weakens Merit
	Dealing with Anger
	Generating Joy when Problems Arise
	Four Principles of Karma
	Problems Support Training in Virtue
	Purifying Karma
	The Hell Realms
	Practising Dharma in Good Times and Bad
	Eliminating Negative Karma
	Realizing Emptiness
	Do not Wait to Purify Karma
	Purification Practices
	A Most Skilful Method to Meet with Problems
	Having an Agenda in our Lives
	Inner Maturity Brings Ability to Deal with Problems
	Seeing Problems as Teachings
	Practise Before Problems Occur
	To Really Have Compassion, We Have to Suffer
	Giving and Taking Meditation
	Problems: An Excellent Opportunity to Train Our Minds
	Practise Well Before Problems Come
	An Anxiety-Laden, Mind Cannot Turn Suffering into the Path
	A Virtuous, Not Vicious Circle
	Practice to Avoid Anger
	Reflect on Karma
	Reflect on Compassion
	Request Problems to Practise Virtue
	Problems are Definitely Coming
	Of Not Seeing Problems as Problems
	Feeding Mosquitoes
	Keeping Entertainment at a Distance
	Find a Quiet Place
	Stop the Arising of Aversion to Internal Illness And Outer Enemies
	Seeing Dangerous Situations as Valuable
	No Harm Comes to a Virtuous Mind
	The Armour of Being Able to Transform Problems
	We Already Have Everything We Need
	Chasing After External Objects
	Reflecting on Ultimate Reality: Ideal Method of Overcoming Suffering
	Preventing Happiness from Becoming an Obstacle
	Not to be Distracted by Happiness

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