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Transforming Mental Health Services

Consultation Document
A consultation on proposals for developing adult and older people’s mental

health services in Hambleton and Richmondshire

June 2017

Involving patients, carers, professionals and partners

in shaping local NHS services



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Co Authors:

Lisa Pope, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Hambleton, Richmondshire & Whitby CCG

Dr Liz Herring, Head of Adult Mental Health services, Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS

Foundation Trust

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Version control

Date Version Change Author

13.12.16 V1 Initial draft Georgina Sayers

13.01.17 V2 Second draft Georgina Sayers

17.01.17 V3 Amendments Georgina Sayers

18.01.17 V4 Amendments (submitted to NHSE) Georgina Sayers

23.01.17 V5 Amendments Georgina Sayers

06.02.17 V6 Final draft Georgina Sayers

13.02.17 V7 Final draft amends Georgina Sayers

20.02.17 V8 Further final draft amends Georgina Sayers

02.03.17 V9 Final draft (submitted to NHSE) Georgina Sayers

24.04.17 V10 Further amends Georgina Sayers

18.05.17 V11 Final amends Georgina Sayers

19.05.17 FINAL Final submission Georgina Sayers

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Introduction and purpose of document 4

Background 5

About this consultation 6

Key principles 8

Aims and objectives of this strategy 9

Legislation our statutory requirements 10

Key messages 11

Stakeholders 12

Stakeholder segmentation 12

Communication and engagement process 13

Engagement process 13

Post consultation 15

Engagement and consultation timeline 16

Methodology 17

Sharing information 18

Previous engagement and consultation 19

Communications and engagement action plan 21

Management and responsibilities 31

Budget 32

Risk and mitigation 32

Reporting and feedback 32

Evaluation and monitoring 32

Appendix 1: Legislation 34

Appendix 2: The Gunning Principles 35

Appendix 3: Best practice and managing risk 36

Appendix 4: Stakeholder plan 38

Appendix 5: Local voluntary sector groups/organisations 41

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Appendix 9: Privacy Impact Assessment

A Privacy Impact Assessment will be completed during the next phase of project

implementation to ensure there is no collection, storage, access, use or dissemination of

identifiable personal information that is not both needed and permitted. This will further be

reviewed once Standard Operating procedures are in place for service referrals and delivery.

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