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Green and brown
Investments into greenfield and brownfield projects both increased in 2012.

4% Rubber
3% Scientific &
measuring equipment

12% Basic metal

5% Machinery

9% E&E

10% Chemicals

21% Transport

22% Petroleum

14% Others

Investments in
New Projects
by Industry (RM mil.)

Total: RM 26.9 bil.

10% E&E

4% Basic metal

5% Fabricated

15% Transport

19% Food

26% Chemicals

3% Plastic products

4% Machinery

14% Others

Investments in
Expansion/Diversification Projects
by Industry (RM mil.)

Total: RM 14.2 bil.

related value-added services such as distribution,
procurement and supply chain management
undertaken on an integrated basis. In 2012, five
companies were approved incentives for ILS
expansion projects. These companies are venturing
into freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation
and distribution as well as value-added services
such as packing, repacking and relabeling with
investments of RM 328.7 million.

A logistics company that provides integrated and
seamless logistics services (door-to-door) along
the logistics value chain as a single entity on a
regional or global scale may be granted International

Integrated Logistics Services (IILS) status and be
issued a Customs Agent Licence. In 2012, four such
companies were approved IILS status which will
enable them to expand their activities globally and
compete more effectively against established MNCs
in the region.

Meanwhile, a wholly-owned Malaysian company
was approved to provide cold room facilities for
perishable products from local farmers, breeders as
well as fishermen. The facility also offers other value-
added activities such as washing, peeling, grading,
freezing and packing of perishable products to
provide its customers greater value. 

MIDA Annual Report 2012 45

MIDA’s performance in 2012

Page 48

MIDA officers travelled far and
wide to present Malaysia’s
“ecosystem” value proposition
to the world.

48 The ecosystem approach

49 Winning foreign investors

50 The spirit of ASEAN

53 Enhancing international

54 Nurturing domestic

56 Media coverage and expos

57 Human resource

46 MIDA Annual Report 2012

Page 94

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