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Updating Personal Information within myFSU

On the Personal Information Page, you may view and edit the following:

• Home/Mailing Addresses
• Phone Number
• Emergency Contacts
• Email Address
• Marital Status
• Ethnic Group

Name changes must be submitted to HR with a copy of your social security card and completed Name
Change Request Form.

STEP 1: Log into myFSU with your FSUID and password.

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STEP 2: Expand the Human Resources menu and click the Personal Details link.

NOTE: You must authenticate access using Duo.

STEP 3: Review your personal information as it is currently stored in myFSU. To make changes, click the

button in each sub-section.

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NOTE: All employees’ personal information is considered confidential. Access to this information is strictly

limited to those with official business needs ONLY.

STEP 4: For the purpose of this example, change your Home Address. To do this, select Addresses from the

menu, and then update the address you wish to change by click the button.

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STEP 5: Update your address in the fields.

NOTE: Changing your address in myFSU does not affect your address as maintained in the Registrar’s office.

STEP 6: Click the Save button.

STEP 7: For the purpose of this example, also update your phone number. Click the Contact Details link.

STEP 8: Use this page to add, review, or edit your home, business, mobile, or other phone numbers. Click

the button to include a new phone number.

STEP 9: Select the number you wish to change.

STEP 10: Select the appropriate Phone Type.

STEP 11: Enter the new phone number into the Number field.

STEP 12: One phone number must be set as the preferred calling number. To do this, check the Preferred

box for the desired number.

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STEP 13: Click the Save button.

NOTE: When updating email addresses, be aware MyFSU does not allow two of the same email types, i.e.,

Business, Campus, Home, Other.

One email account must be specified as the ‘Preferred’ email address.

When the email addresses are saved, the appropriate areas in MyFSU will be updated so that email

notifications will be sent to the email address marked.

STEP 14: To make official marital status changes for the purpose of changing benefits, visit the People First


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