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TitleToshiba Personal Computer Maintenance Manual
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Total Pages277
Table of Contents
                            Maintenance Manual
	Key operation
	User input
	The display
	Chapter 1 Contents
	Chapter 2 Troubleshooting Procedures
	Chapter 3   Diagnostic Programs
	Chapter 4 Replacement Procedures
chapter 1
	Hardware Overview
		1.1 Features
		1.2 System Block Diagram
		1.3 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive
			1.4 Optical Drive (HD DVD-ROM & CD-R/RW Drive)
		1.5 Keyboard
		1.6 TFT Color Display
			1.6.1 LCD Module with CCFL Backlight
			1.6.2 CCFL Inverter Board
		1.7 Power Rails
		1.8 Batteries
			1.8.1 Main Battery
			1.8.2 Battery Charging Control
			* If USB Seep and Charge function is enabled, the computer’s battery will discharge during hibernation or when the computer is turned off. 1.8.3 RTC Battery
		1.9 AC Adapter
Chapter 2
	Troubleshooting Procedures
		2.1 Troubleshooting
		2.2 Troubleshooting Flowchart
		2.3 Power Supply Troubleshooting
		2.4 System Board Troubleshooting
		2.5 USB FDD Troubleshooting
		2.6 2.5” HDD Troubleshooting
		2.7 Keyboard Troubleshooting
		2.8 Touch pad Troubleshooting
		2.9 Display Troubleshooting
		2.10 Optical Disk Drive Troubleshooting
		2.11 Modem Troubleshooting
		2.12 LAN Troubleshooting
		2.13 Wireless LAN Troubleshooting
		2.14 Sound Troubleshooting
		2.15 Fingerprint Troubleshooting
		2.16 Bluetooth Troubleshooting
Chapter 3
	Diagnostic Programs
		3.1 Tests and Diagnostics Software Overview
		3.2 Executing the Diagnostic Test
		3.3 Subtest names
		3.4 System Test
		3.5 Memory Test
		3.6 Keyboard Test
		3.7 Display Test
		3.8 Floppy Disk Test
		3.9 Hard Disk Test
		3.10 Real Time Clock Test
		3.11 Cache Memory Test
		3.12 High Resolution Display Test
		3.13 Multimedia Test
		3.14 MEMORY2 Test
		3.15 Error Codes and Error Status Names
		3.16  Running Test
			3.17.1 Check DMI Information
			3.17.2 Write DMI Information
		3.18 Log Utilities
			3.18.1 Operations
		3.19 System Configuration
		3.20 Running Test Edit Item
			3.20.1 Function Description
			3.20.2 Operation Description
		3.21 Common Tests and Operation
			3.21.1 How to operate a window
			3.21.2 How to Stop the Test Program
			3.21.3 Test Status Screen
			3.21.4 Test Stop Display
			3.21.5 How to enter data
Chapter 4
	Replacement Procedures
		4.1 Overview
			Safety Precautions
			Before You Begin
			Disassembly Procedure
			Assembly Procedure
			Tools and Equipment
			Screw Tightening Torque
			Grip Color
			Screw Notation
		4.2 Battery pack
			Removing the battery pack
			Installing the battery pack
		4.3 PC card
			Removing a PC card
			Installing a PC card
		4.4 SSD/HDD (Main HDD)
			Removing a SSD/MAIN HDD-H9.5mm / HDD-H12.5mm
			Installing SSD/MAIN HDD-H9.5mm / HDD-H12.5 mm
		4.5 Optical disk drive
			Removing an optical disk drive
			Installing an optical disk drive
		4.6 Slot in Optical disk drive
			Removing an optical disk drive
			Installing an optical disk drive
			Removing second HDD-H9.5mm / HDD-H12.5mm
			Installing Second HDD-H9.5mm / HDD-H12.5mm
		4.8 Memory module
			Removing a memory module
			Installing a memory module
		4.9 Keyboard
			Removing the keyboard
			Installing the keyboard
		4.10 Wireless LAN card
			Removing a Wireless LAN card
			Installing a Wireless LAN card
		4.11 Bluetooth module
		4.12 TV Tuner card
			Removing a TV Tuner card
			Installing a TV Tuner card
		4.13   Display assembly
			Removing the display assembly
			Installing display assembly
		4.14 Top Cover assembly
			Removing the Top cover assembly
			Installing Top Cover assembly
		4.15   Touch pad
			Removing the touch pad
			Installing the touch pad
		4.16   USB Board
			Removing the USB Board
			Installing the USB Board
		4.17   B CAS Board
			Removing the B CAS Board
			Installing the B CAS Board
		4.18     System Board
			Removing the System Board
			Removing RTC battery
			Installing the System Board
			Installing RTC battery
		4.19    CPU
			Removing the CPU heat sink
			Installing the CPU
		4.20   LCD unit / FL inverter
			Removing the LCD unit / FL inverter
			Installing the LCD unit/FL Inverter
		4.21    Web Camera module
			Removing Web Camera module
		Installing Speaker Box
		Removing Speaker Box
		Appendix A Handling the LCD Module
			Precautions for handling the LCD module
		Appendix B Board Layout
			B.1 System Board
			B.2 Touch Pad Board
			B.3 Finger Print Board
		Appendix C Pin Assignment
		Appendix D Display Codes
			D.1 Display Codes
		Appendix E Key Layout
		Appendix F Wiring Diagrams
			F.1 RGB Monitor ID Wraparound connector
			F.2 LAN Loopback Connector

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