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A Trifecta!

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Kentuckiana MX Championship Series
3 Povolny Pounds High Fly Again!

Utah Sport Riders Association Motocross Race
7 Powell Pulls a Trifecta!
10 Martinez Masters Fillmore

Dealers Challenge Race for the Cup
13 Moto Source Takes Dealers Challenge Cup

Springfield Mile/Springfield TT/
Dairyland Classic ST/Wilmot HM/Sun Prairie HM
17 Race Report from Springfield, Plymouth, Wilmot, Sun Prairie

Central Illinois Motorcycle Club Hillclimb Doubleheader
20 Fortner Perfect at Neoga

Scott Burnworth’s SoCal Vintage MX Classic 2
22 A Moto Down Memory Lane

Yamaha Dealer Series
27 Veni, Vidi, Vici – JBC!

Costa Mesa Speedway Kids’ Night
Orange County Fairgrounds
32 Larsen Back to Back at Costa Mesa Speedway

Last Dog Standing
District 37 Prairie Dogs MC
35 Redmond Top Dog at Last Dog
36 Race Report from Last Dog Standing

Loretta Lynn Northeast Amateur Regional Championship
39 Snapshots from High Point Raceway LLQ

Century Motorcycles 27th Annual Father’s Day Open House
45 Century Motorcycles Honors Wild Bill

Rock River Riders Hillclimb
49 Wade Goes Wild at Polo Hillclimb!

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Page 25

As a tribute to legendary German racer
Adolf Weil, who’d passed away a few weeks
earlier, a special Maico-only moto was held.
Examples of the legendary German machines
from the early 1970s on into the mid-80s took
to the course to honor the man whose talent
kept him in the top-10 rankings of World
motocross well into his late 30s.

With more than 150 entries and 13
motos, and with machines ranging from the
100cc screamers to the legendary 500cc two-
strokes (remember them?), SoCal Vintage MX
Classic 2 was an undeniable success. Plans for
SoCal Vintage Classic MX 3 are already under
way for 2012. Scott Burnworth’s inspired
creation shows the potential of becoming one
of the premier don’t-miss events on the riding

1. Mike Vogt (Hon).

1. Vinnie Dipadova (Hon); 2. Paul Grossberg
(Yam); 3. Tom Raymer (Yam).

1. Scott Burnworth (Yam); 2. Jarrett Austin
(Yam); 3. Patrick Johnson (Kaw).

1. John Forsythe (Hon); 2. Paul Johnstone

1. Mike Bell (Yam).

1. Rick Price (Mai); 2. Gary Chaplin (Mai); 3.
Bill Hagen (Mai); 4. Ron Ratigan (Mai); 5. Bret
Bonham (Mai).

1. Zach Vogt (KTM); 2. Sean Bell (Yam); 3.
Chase Henderson (Hon); 4. Nolan Wright
(Kaw); 5. Steve Weidler (KTM).

1. Pete Wright (Kaw); 2. Robert Ivery (Hus).

1. Brian Brown (CZ).

1. Keith Sievers (Hus); 2. Norman Himaka
(Mai); 3. Phil Hungerford (CZ); 4. Wendell
Clark (Suz); 5. John Cash (Mai).

1. Scott Burnworth (Oss); 2. Charlie
Richardson (CZ); 3. Gary De Forest (CZ); 4.
Phillip Hall (CZ).

1. Al Gabriola (Hus).

1. Steve Roach (CZ); 2. Frank Maney (Suz); 3.
Sergui Molotov (CZ).

1. Jake Voight (Kaw); 2. Hal Voznick (Kaw).

1. Erick Meyers (Hon).

1. Steve Gordon (Suz); 2. Mike Houglin
(Kaw); 3. James Farren (Hon).

1. Krent Koloe (Hus); 2. Troy Archer (Hon); 3.
Michael Fry (Hon); 4. Bill Hall (Suz).

1. Mark Sandzimier (Hon).

1. Michael Fry (Hon); 2. Troy Bartley (Hus);
3. Rick Renning (Suz).

1. Chip Howell (Yam); 2. Ronald Ratigan
(Mai); 3. Tony Boswell (Hon).

1. Daniel Couts (Yam); 2. Damon Lockrem
(Yam); 3. Mike Yelich (Hon); 4. Bill Hall (KTM).

1. Steve Weidler (Kaw); 2. James Henderson
(Kaw); 3. Dan Schramm (Hon); 4. Eric Luck
(Hon); 5. Greg Luck (Hon).

1. Ron Lechien (Kaw); 2. Jim Gibson (Hon); 3.
Rick Aldrich (Hon).

1. Brian McConnell (Suz).

1. Ryan Voznick (Suz); 2. Pete Wright (Kaw);
3. Tom Raymer (Yam).

1. Mark Sandzimier (Hon).

1. Steve Gordon (Mai); 2. Mark Martin (Yam);
3. Eddy Jerome (Yam).

1. Brent Koloe (Hus); 2. Douglas Farren
(Kaw); 3. Scott Mays (Hus); 4. Troy Bartley
(Hus); 5. Mark Reeder (Hon).

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two class wins, coming from behind after a
first-round crash in the 750cc class to
overtake BSA-mounted Nick Walton, who had
taken the first-round lead with a 4.232-second
run. Haas turned a very fast (the third-fastest
time of the day) 3.187 seconds to take the
class lead on his second ride. Walton was also
faster, with a 3.717-second time, but he had
to settle for second place. Lane Schultz, also
BSA-mounted, claimed third in 3.899 seconds.

Haas then ran his 800cc triple in the
Open class and took that class win with a
3.267-second time. Lane Schultz was second
on his Suzuki, with his brother Wade, also
Suzuki-mounted, coming in third.

Andrew “Little Fast Andy” Fortner was
the only Youth rider to top the hill, and he did
it on both rides! His 5.886-second run on his
CR85 took the win in the 85cc Junior Mini
class, with “Lightning Levi” Peters coming in
second with a 109-foot effort.

In other Youth-class action, Brodie
Bennett was the 50cc-class winner with a 50-
foot climb, with Jaydn Aliprandini second.
Hank Smith was the best in the 65cc class,
with a 114-foot effort; Levi Peters was second
with an 83-foot climb.

1. Brodie Bennett; 2. Jaydn Aliprandini; 3.
Hunter Gehrt; 4. Lilah McGurer; 5. Kody Groth.

1. Hank Smith; 2. Levi Peters; 3. Charles
Helfrich; 4. Tori Daniels; 5. Kane Ulve.

1. Andrew Fortner; 2. Levi Peters; 3. Jonathan
Brian; 4. Hank Smith; 5. Charles Elfrich.

1. Morgan Wheelwright.

1. Glenn Poppen; 2. Josh Peterson; 3. Pat
Kopetko; 4. Jesse Hetrick.

1. Jeff Jack; 2. Brian Shutt; 3. Chris Senn; 4.
Kyle Galloway; 5. Austin Shutt.

1. Eric Wheelwright; 2. Kurt Krohmer; 3. Jon
Creek; 4. Joe McGurer; 5. Derek Swanson.

1. Mike Pulver; 2. Kyle Galloway; 3. Tim
Dwyer; 4. A.J. Groth; 5. Andy Fortner.

1. Eric Wheelwright; 2. Matt Altfillisch; 3. Matt
Peters; 4. Troy Camerer; 5. Mike Popham.

1. Wade Schultz; 2. Joe McGurer; 3. Andy
Fortner; 4. Kurt Krohmer; 5. Troy Camerer.

1. Eric Wheelwright; 2. Paul Hackbarth; 3.
Kurt Krohmer; 4. Mike Popham; 5. Kirk

1. Lloyd Haas; 2. Nicholas Walton; 3. Lane
Schultz; 4. Nate Simenec; 5. Matt Stephen.

1. Lloyd Haas; 2. Lane Schultz; 3. Wade
Schultz; 4. Mark Kirking.

1. Paul Hackbarth; 2. Joe McGurer; 3. Mike

1. Morgan Wheelwright; 2. Becky Lawson; 3.
Lilah McGurer; 4. Stacey Morris.

1. Wade Schultz; 2. Mike Pulver; 3. Jon Creek;
4. Frank Kopetko; 5. Mark Kirking.

1. Jeff Jack; 2. Jerry Bohren; 3. Mark Dunbar;
4. John Steffen; 5. Tom Rollins.

“Little Fast Andy” Fortner (Hon).

Wade Schultz (Hon).

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Page 51

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