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                            Introduction - Atherton
Atherton Approach
	80% of project cost/schedule is determined in the Design Phase.
Project Experience
	2. Richmond Civic Center P1 v3
	2. Richmond Civic Center P2 v3
		Richmond Civic Center & Plaza
	3. Emeryville PD P1
	4. Dublin Joint Use P1
	4. Dublin Joint Use P2
	5. Ashland Youth Center P1
	5. Ashland Youth Center P2
		Ashland Youth Center
	6. BART Parking Structure P1
	7. Dublin Library-Folsom Library
		Other Civic Projects
		Paul Beamer, Project Manager
	8. Palo Alto Library+Arts Center P1
	8. Palo Alto Library+Arts Center P2
	9. CHOMP Parking P1
		Subterranean Parking Garage for  Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
	9. CHOMP Parking P2
		Richmond BART Parking Structure
		Emeryville Police Deparment
1. Atherton Work Plan
	Work Plan
2. Atherton CC Workplan hours by phase
1. Key Staff Intro Atherton
	Key Staff
	mack5 Team
		Paul Beamer
		Senior Project Manager
		Mark Kelley
2. Kelley resume Atherton
	Mark Kelley, LEED AP
	Principal-in-Charge / Senior Cost Consultant
			select project experience
	dublin civic center city hall & police services renovations / expansion
	richmond civic center
3. Beamer resume Atherton
	Paul Beamer, AIA
	Senior Project Manager
4. Manil Resume Atherton
	Manil Bajracharya
	Senior Construction Manager
		Richmond Civic Center – City of Richmond
		Emeryville Police Department – City of Emeryville
		Richmond BART Parking Garage – City of Richmond / BART
		Emeryville Center of Community Life – Emery Unified School District/City of Emeryville
		Burien Parking Structure – City of Burien, WA
		Kensington Fire Station – Kensington Fire District
		Residence Halls 1, 2, 3 Seismic Retrofit – U.C. Berkeley
		Richmond Intermodal Station – West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee / City of Richmond / BART
		Employment and Training Department – City of Richmond
		Folsom Library – City of Folsom
		San Rafael Health & Wellness Campus – County of Marin
		Potrero Hill Playground – The Trust for Public Land/City of San Francisco
Atherton References - Contacts
litigation & disclosure- Atherton
	Contract Comments
	Project Experience
	Work Plan
	Key Staff
	Cost report
	Daily Field Log:
	Richmond Civic Center
		Overaa personnel on site:
	Daily Field Log:
	Richmond Civic Center
		(  Site/Plaza
		(  City Hall
			(  440 Civic Center Plaza (former Hall of Justice)
			(  Auditorium
	Overaa RFIs
	Overaa Submittal Packages
	Civic Center
		Proposal for
		Project Management Services
	June 18, 2014
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Civic Center

Proposal for

Project Management Services

June 18, 2014


1900 Powell Street, Suite 470
Emeryville, CA 94608


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move coordination

During move-in, mack5 will work with the move coordinator to ensure
that all staff has been briefed on the move-in process and are familiar
with packing directions. If the Police Department were to have relocated
to a temporary facility during construction, special care should be
provided to the Police Department move, as it involves moving sensitive
material and equipment including firearms and stored evidence.

We will also ensure that the move coordinator is on site for a few days
after the move to address any issues that may arise, including missing
boxes, personal items not on the person’s desk, missing furniture,
damage etc. We will ensure that all these items are documented and
resolved in a timely manner.

estimated hours by task

Our estimated hours by task are shown on the following page.


Page 43

Atherton Civic Center
Project Management Services
Work Plan

Community Pre- Post-
Hours by Phase Design Outreach Construction Construction Construction Occupancy Total
P. Beamer 1,104 276 77 138 77 115 1,786
M. Bajracharya 92 92 230 2,622 230 77 3,343
M. Kelley 92 92 15 138 - - 337
Cost Estimators 184 - - - 184
Project Admin Support 184 15 276 31 15 521
Total Monthly 1,656 460 337 3,174 337 207 6,172

Duration - months 12 incl in Design 2 18 2 incl elsewhere 34



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2/28/2014 - All RFIs Page 1 of 1

RFI Log: Overaa RFIs
Richmond BART Parking Structure

mack5 Project No. M5-08-238
BART Project No. 05-NP-110

RFI No. Status Currently with: Urgent? Description History



Requested by



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2/28/2014 - Submittal Log Page 1 of 1

Submittal Log: Overaa Submittal Packages
Richmond BART Parking Structure Submittal Count: Overaa Submittals

Total Submittals and Resubmits:
Total Submittal
Packages: Total Resubmits: Pending

mack5 Project No. M5-08-238
BART Project No. 05-NP-110 from column B from column Q from Column Q

Submittal Information

Submittal No. Reviewed by

review? Internal Notes History Spec Section Description Current Status Currently with: Since: RFI references Originator Additional References

Bulletin Drawing Updates
Referencing Submittal Notes

Total Record Submittals:

from Column Q

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