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Can I make multiple tulpas? - Yes, you can make as many as you can handle.!!
How long should I work on my tulpa? - As long as it takes. There is no real set-in-stone
amount of time to tulpaforce.!!
How long should a session be? - It can be however long you can hold your focus. A
reasonable amount of time in my opinion is anywhere from 45 minutes - 3 hours, however I
know of people that have forced for as long as 7 hours at a time.!!
Can a tulpa make another tulpa? - I have read reports of this, however personally I cannot
verify it. I do not see why they couldn't, however they would still ultimately be your tulpa.!!
Why won't [insert method here] work for me, but it works for everyone else? - Because
you need to keep in mind that even if something works for someone else, tulpaforcing is still
very subjective and you need to find out what works best for you. Just try any method you can
find to see if it works or not. !!
This is "self induced schizophrenia!" - No it is not. It is impossible to give yourself something
like schizophrenia.!!
Will my tulpa get older like I do? - Only if it wants to.!!
Can other people see my tulpa? - In the realm of psychology, no. !!!!
The Good & Bad
Why "not" to create a tulpa!!
! Although it is rather uncommon, people sometimes create tulpas for what could be
deemed as "the wrong reasons." While I cannot stop you from doing anything in your own mind,
it is best to not create a tulpa for all, but not limited to, these reasons.!!
• To only fulfill sexual desires!
• To let frustration out on; to abuse!
• For their form; to only have around just for the sake of looking at them!
• If you plan on getting rid of them later!!!

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