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Cambridge English Readers

Level 6

Series editor: Philip Prowse

This Time
I t ’s Personal

Alan Battersby

C a m b r i d g e

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furnished dining room. Mrs. Romanov then entered - a
tall gray-haired woman wearing a black dress with a simple
gold pin fastened at her throat. In her face, you could see
the grief that she must have been going through.

“Ms. Delgado and Mr. Marley. Welcome. Do sit down,”
she said.

“We realize that this is not an appropriate time to visit,”
began Stella. “We’re aware of the good work your late
husband did with newly arrived Russian immigrants, and
we’d like to offer our deepest sympathies.”

“Thank you. You’re most kind,” she said.
“Our visit concerns Russian immigrants who may have

been attempting to enter the country illegally. You may
have heard about the bodies found on Jones Beach?” asked

Mrs. Romanov nodded.
“They were probably young Russian men,” Stella

continued. “The boat they were sailing in was in a
completely unseaworthy condition. Whoever was behind
this immigrant smuggling operation had surely sent these
boys to their deaths.”

Mrs. Romanov frowned. I could see we had her
attention. “But this is dreadful! Can I be of any assistance?”
asked Mrs. Romanov. “Poor Alexei would have moved
heaven and earth to bring the people responsible to

I judged it was the right time to make my move.
“I realize that this is not a suitable time to ask this

question, ma’am ,” I said. “We know your husband was
active with the Immigrant Welfare Society. Could he
possibly have made any enemies in the Russian community?


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You see, there could be some connection between your
husband’s death and these poor boys found on Jones beach.”

I really couldn’t be absolutely sure of my facts here, but
again, there was no harm in taking a chance if we were
going to make any progress with Jose’s case.

“The police have already asked me all about . . . ” began
Mrs. Romanov. She then paused and gave me a hard stare.
“I don’t think you’re being completely truthful with me,
Mr. Marley. W hat is the real reason for your visit?”

It was time to put all our cards on the table.
“Mrs. Romanov, I apologize. Yes, I have been less than

honest. I am a private investigator representing my client,
Jose De La Cruz, who, as you know, has been charged with
the murder of your late husband. I do not believe that your
husband was the victim of a simple street crime. I suspect
your husband had discovered something that put his life in

Mrs. Romanov’s face grew pale. She sat silently and still
as I continued.

“We also have to admit that our interest in this case is
personal. Our client, Jose De La Cruz is Ms. Delgado’s
younger brother.”

Stella turned to face Mrs. Romanov.
“Believe me, Mrs. Romanov, this is difficult for me too.

As God is my witness, my brother is not a killer. Just a
gentle, harmless, ordinary guy who must’ve been in the
wrong place at the wrong time,” said Stella.

I continued, “As far as the NYPD are concerned, they’ve
found their killer, but I’m not convinced. I am asking for
your help in finding your husband’s real killer or killers. I
can’t be more honest that that.”


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