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“Jesus.” The wall had begun to tip alarmingly, and in search of a more
stable surface Claudia slipped carefully down into the chaise. Once
seated, she still felt in danger of passing out, so she leaned forward and
rested her head between her legs. Her voice came out muffled from
between her knees. “I didn’t realize. I thought maybe … twenty or thirty
“God, not in ages.” Cristina’s voice approached and then descended,

hovering above Claudia’s bent back. “After she won the Venice Biennale
two years ago, her prices really skyrocketed. And you know how the art
market exploded.”

Claudia digested this fact unhappily.
What else didn’t she know? But it was her own fault. She’d prided
herself on the fact that she hadn’t Googled Aoki since her engagement,
but what once felt like princely self-control now looked like willful
blindness. Somehow, Aoki had become downright famous while Claudia
wasn’t paying attention. she wondered.

She suspected that the answer
was yes. If that was the case, why had he been hiding this truth from
Suddenly, she wasn’t jealous anymore. She was, simply, furious.
“European collectors love her,” Cristina continued, unaware of

Claudia’s silent meltdown. “Are you going to her opening at the end of
the month?”
“The opening.” Claudia grasped at this, finally connecting back to the

present that she knew. She sat upright, feeling slightly more grounded.
“I think we’re going. Yes.”
“I’m jealous. Our head curator’s invited, and I’m begging her to take

me as her plus one.”
“Who wants a Jeremy called. The two women turned as

Daniel and Jeremy crashed into the living room from the kitchen,
cocktails splashing across their wrists. Jeremy smiled at Claudia, more
animated than she’d seen him in days, as she took the sweating cocktail
from his hands.
“So—I had no idea you were Jeremy!” Cristina lurched toward

Jeremy, as if about to flop down at his feet. “Tell me all about her!”

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Jeremy flinched. “I’m not exactly he said quickly, and then
cast his eyes toward Claudia with silent apology, his loose grin clearly
intended as some kind of peace offering:

But the damage was done. Claudia smiled
tightly as she stared down at her drink, examining the pulped mint, the
bubbles clinging desperately to melting ice cubes, as if these—rather
than the painting or her notorious, duplicitous husband—were the most
interesting things in the room.

She waited. Waited until the pizza squares were gone, and Daniel and
Cristina had finally climbed into Daniel’s old Saab to drive cautiously
back down the rutted hill; waited until the quiet house was a drained
fishbowl, emptied of life; waited until they were mutely shuttling
emptied glasses and smeary plates to the kitchen sink, to be washed in
the morning. It was then that Claudia finally turned to Jeremy and
revealed the inferno of emotion she had been stoking all night.
“Did you know?” she stuttered at her surprised husband, who stood at

the stove munching on an abandoned pizza crust. “Did you know that
Aoki’s painting is worth over
Jeremy stopped chewing. Crumbs clung to his half-open lips. “Did

Cristina tell you that?”
“Is it true?”
Jeremy shook his head. “Jesus. I mean, I knew it was probably worth

a lot, but that’s a lot more than I imagined.”
“What you imagine?”
He ducked his chin, spotting a tomato sauce splotch on the front of his

button-down shirt. He swiped at it uselessly, avoiding her glare. “I
dunno, maybe high five or low six figures,” he said quickly.
“And you didn’t me? You didn’t think it was worth mentioning to

your wife that we were in possession of something that could alleviate
our financial troubles? When we were at the bank, and I brought it up—
and you didn’t say a She dropped the plates in the sink, where
they landed with an ominous crack. “We are to losing our
goddamn home! I had to get a , Jeremy. We took in a

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JANELLE BROWN is the author of , a novel.
A journalist who has written for , and
Salon, she lives in Los Angeles.

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This Is Where We Live is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the
products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2010 by Janelle Brown

All rights reserved.

Published in the United States by Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of The Random House Publishing
Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York.

SPIEGEL & GRAU and Design is a registered trademark of Random House, Inc.

This is where we live: a novel / Janelle Brown.

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