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TitleThird Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica)
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Perhaps the scientists of the Third Reich also inferred the Arctic and Antarctica were not just Earth poles. Perhaps
itʼs also no coincidence that in Nazi Germany, the Hollow Earth Theory, where the poles were presented as gates
to the stars, was so popular. Perhaps, at this bizarre ideaʼs heart, a vague understanding was reached, something
akin to recently discovered wormholes. Along with the possibility of space and time travel, this may be why
Antarctica attracted Germans to itʼs shores.

The sixth continent continues to keep itʼs secrets. New questions are raised, and over the years, this list hasnʼt
gotten any smaller. What happened to the research to build flying saucers? Did it stop after the war, or continue in
secret places around the globe? Is it correct to attribute modern secret developments to all UFO sightings? UFOs
were observed long ago, even during the time of Alexander of Macedonia. What kind of objects emerge from the
water, attacking Admiral Byrdʼs expedition? Great unknown beings, whom the Germans strove passionately to
cooperate with? What is it? Myth, or real life existing forces that, for thousands of years, have conducted their
invisible activities on our planet Earth?

Writer and Director: Vitaly Pravdivtsev
Camera Operator: Valentin Khalturin

Sound Engineers: A. Bolshoy A. Chernavin
Composer: Vladimir Romanychev
Test Read by Sergey CHonishvili
Music Editor: Olga Pravdivtseva
Producer: Aleksey Gorovatsky

3D Graphics: Michael Levin
Translated by Irvina Du Toit

Subtitles by The Saucer People

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