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Titlethe usage of social media among young adults living in nairobi, kenya
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Table of Contents
                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
1 Introduction
2 Development communication
	2.1 Development
	2.2 Defining development communication
	2.3 Modernization paradigm
	2.4 Dependency paradigm
	2.5 Participatory paradigm
		2.5.1 Research on participatory communication
		2.5.2 Critiques addressed to participatory communication
3 Social media and development communication
	3.1  Social media
		3.1.1 From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and beyond
		3.1.2 Social media and the uses and gratifications theory
		3.1.3 Digital divide
	3.2 Civic and political participation
		3.2.1 Defining civic and political participation
		3.2.2 Civic participation among young people
	3.3 Social media and civic participation
		3.3.1 Civic participation and the Internet
		3.3.2 Social media and civic and political participation
		3.3.3 Social media and protest mobilization
	3.4 Social media and participatory communication
4 Methods
	4.1 Aim of the study and the research questions
	4.2 Research design
	4.3  Subjects and sampling
	4.4 Instrument of data collection
	4.5 Researcher’s role
	4.6 Data analysis
5 Findings and Discussion
	5.1 Social media platforms used and ways of accessing them
		5.1.1 Devices used to access the platforms
		5.1.2 Platforms used
	5.2  Reasons for using social media
		5.2.1 Social media and uses and gratifications theory
		5.2.2  Second level digital divide
	5.3  Topics discussed on social media
		5.3.1 Topics discussed by both groups
		5.3.1 Community related matters
		5.3.2 Politics
		5.3.3 Topics avoided
	5.4  The effects and impact of social media
		5.4.1 Social media and the community
		5.4.2 Social media and Kenyan society
		5.4.3 Social media and politics
		5.4.4 Social media and political elections
		5.4.5 Social media and post-election violence
6 Social media for development
	6.1 Social media and civic and political participation
	6.2 Social media and participatory communication
7 Conclusion
8 Limitations and directions for future research
	Appendix 1: The interview script

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