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TitleThe Ultimate Audition Book for Teens, Volume 1. 111 One-Minute Monologues
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Female Monologues
		Small Talk
		The Horrors of Holidays
		A License to Date
		The Perfect Guy
		Dancing On Eggshells
		Barking Up Dates
		Crawling to Paradise
		The Gravity of Graduating
		There’s Gotta Be a Better Way
		Baby Mine
		Psyched Out
		Daylight Savings
		It’s a Living
		Commission Mission
		Ring of Lies
		Dodging the Shadow
		Critical Opinions
		Busting Out
		The Gift
		Breeding Ground
		Have You Gone Mad?
		Going For Broke
		The Homecoming Queen
		Bite-wings For Breakfast
		The Hypochondriac
		Midnight Parking
		Chocolate Sanity
		Quiet Heroes
		The Thorn Garden
		Inside These Walls
		Etched in Stone
		A Million Stars
		Freeing Impact
		Freud Was A Fake
		Loving Tallie
		Skin Deep
		Between Us
		A Safe Place
		In Through the Out Door
		Breaking the Silence
		Beyond Wonderland
		Good Enough
		The Runaway
		Just Friends
		The Crossing Guard
		Behind the Mask
		The Light at the End of the Tunnel
		Searching For Justice
Male Monologues
		Massive High
		Winning Stephanie
		Caught in a Funk
		In Deep
		The Wash Out
		Puberty Blues
		The Expert
		Little Magnets
		Heaven in 7-11
		Foot in Mouth
		Blowing a Kiss
		Double Vision
		Where Envy Lies
		First Impressions
		Subtle Warnings
		Getting In
		The Eternal Roommate
		The Beacon
		The Art of Schmoozing
		Involuntary Muscles
		Fame and Features
		Bench Pressure
		The Female Fix
		Feminine Ways
		The Waiting Womb
		My Father’s Wife
		The In Link
		The Back Way Home
		Role Models
		The Last to Know
		In Your Eyes
		The Locker Room
		An Average Guy
		Out of Nowhere
		The Play Back
		In a Dream
		A Clean Slate
		Best Friends
		Into the Light
		Father Figured
		Dark Corners
		My Idol, My Enemy
		Roses Are Red
		Family Secrets
		Gettin’ Out
		The Reflection
		In the Name of Fame
		Black and Blue
		In the Blood
Male or Female Monologues
		The Last Meal
		Eating Up Profits
		Writing Out Loud
		Einstein’s Best Friend
		The Big Move
		Look Upon Me
		Gemini Rising
The Author
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Page 48

because I know exactly how to look at them, to play the game, to seduce
them. So, lucky me, they all want to screw me. And the ones who fall for
me — it’s only cause I’m a challenge. I put myself up on this pedestal and
keep them down below. Everyone thinks I’m so confident, brave, so
together. It’s all a lie, to keep me safe. The truth is I’m so lonely and
scared that I hate myself. Because I know, deep down, there is no way
anyone could ever love me — behind the facade. And that makes me feel
so crazy and sick inside that I want to kill myself. So here’s your idol,
Natalie. Still wanna be like me?

Award winner: Drama Monologue Competition, International Modeling & Talent Association, Los
Angeles 1999 & New York 1999 Conventions.



Lauren: Why? No, tell me. I want to know. Why did you do it? What was
it you found so irresistible about her, that it was worth throwing our
relationship away? Was she prettier than me? Did she have a Playboy
body? Or was she just an easy lay? Why should I stop? I’m trying
to come up with a good excuse for you. Only, I’m not finding any. There
are no good reasons. Except one. You never really loved me. It was all a
game — just a bunch of lies to make me fall for you so you wouldn’t be
lonely. When I think of the train ride to Boston and the night on the
overpass, or the day at the zoo…that was another person. It had to be.
Because I loved that man and he loved me. And he would never ever

Page 49

break my heart, the way you did just now.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel


Jane: Shut up! That’s right, Grandpa, I said shut up. For once you are
going to listen to me. You can pretend to everyone else how kind and
sweet and generous you are, but not to me. It won’t work anymore,
because I know what you did to me and I know damn well you know it
too. But what you can never know is how badly you fucked up my entire
life. I was just a little girl and I trusted you. I even loved you. And now I’m
a grown woman who’s afraid of the dark, afraid to go into the bathroom
alone, afraid to have sex or get close to a man because of you. But that’s
all changing as of this moment. Because I am here to tell you that I’m
taking my power back. Do you hear me? I’m not a helpless child anymore
and you will never, ever touch me or anyone else again. You got that? I’ll
see you in court, Grandpa.

Award winner: Drama Monologue Competition, International Modeling & Talent Association, Los
Angeles 1999 Convention.

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Tori has big dreams of becoming famous. However, due to fear,
Tori has not been actively pursuing his/her dream for over two
years now. Tori turns to a good friend for advice.



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