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TitleThe Structure of Surfaces II: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on the Structure of Surfaces (ICSOS II), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 22–25, 1987
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Springer Series in
Surface Sciences


Editor: Gerhard Ertl

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Springer Series in Surface Sciences
Editors: Gerhard Ertl and Robert Gomer

Volume 1: Physisorption Kinetics
By H.J. Kreuzer, Z. W. Gortel

Volume 2: The Structure of Surfaces
Editors: M. A. Van Hove, S. Y. Tong

Volume 3: Dynamical Phenomena at Surfaces, Interfaces and
Editors: F. Nizzoli, K.-H. Rieder, R.F. Willis

Volume 4: Desorption Induced by Electronic Transitions, DIET II
Editors: W. Brenig, D. Menzel

Volume 5: Chemistry and Physics of SoHd Surfaces VI
Editors: R. Vanselow, R. Howe

Volume 6: Low-Energy Electron Diffraction
Experiment, Theory and Surface Structure Determination
By M. A. Van Hove, W. H. Weinberg, C.-M. Chan

Volume 7: Electronic Phenomena in Adsorption and Catalysis
By V. F. Kiselev, o. V. Krylov

Volume 8: Kinetics of Interface Reactions
Editors: M. Grunze, H. J. Kreuzer

Volume 9: Adsorption and Catalysis in Transition Metals and their
Oxides III
By o. V. Krylov, V. F. Kiselev

Volume 10: Chemistry and Physics of Solid Surfaces VII
Editors: R. Vanselow, R. Howe

Volume 11: The Structure of Surfaces II
Editors: J. F. van der Veen, M. A. Van Hove

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Si(100)2x1 two-domain

surface Brillouin zones

[01 I)

domain a

Ja b

Jil Kb

_ ...... !._ ... J... , ,

, , ,


! , , , , , ,

r lJb


, ,

J' a

T"'''' -_ .. ---- --- ... , -- --- -- -- ..... -_ ...

domain b




Fig, 1 Superimposed 2x1 surface Brillouin
zones for the two-domains present on the
Si(100) surface.



.... "".



Si(100)2x1 clean



:~. ~

I .....

' .
. ..... --..J ...


. )..../'.. "'-~
.... ./ ....... I

. .... --... ,,. ......... .
. 16.8

-6 -4 -2 0


Fig.2 (a) Angle-resolved photoemission spectra obtained at three different photon energies (21,2,
16,8 and 15.0 eV) for normal light incidence. Structures A, B, and D correspond to surface state
emission from the J'symmetry point. (b) Photoemission spectra for the mono hydride phase
showing two hydrogen induced peaks at - 4.8 eV and - 5,6 eV, The surface states A and Bare
completely removed while the surface state D is still present on the Si(1 00)2x1 :H surface,

However, up to now only part of the information provided by angle-resolved photoemission has
been utilized in the comparisons with calculated surface state bands. Besides the dangling-bond and
the surface resonance state, three other surface state structures have been reported along the r-J
line in the [010) direction, but so far no satisfactory explanation of these three surface states has
been given.

2 Experimental Results

The angle-resolved photoemission study presented in this paper was performed using both a reso,
nance light source (He I and Ne I) and synchrotron radiation. The sample was an n-doped Si(1 00)
single crystal (p -2 Ocm , P ) which was cleaned by an etching procedure before insertion into the
vacuum-chamber [19). Spectra obtained in the [010) direction for three different photon energies

(15.0, 16.8 and 21.2 eV) are shown in Fig 2 a. Equivalent kll points are probed for the two do-

mains along this direction which should result in identical surface state contributions in the photo-


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emission spectra from the two domains. The emission angles were chosen such that the structures
in the region 0-2 eV below EF correspond to emission from, or close to, the J'ab point. Since nor-

mal light incidence was used the dangling-bond emission (A) is suppressed in these spectra due to
the dominating Pz character of this surface state. Besides the dangling-bond peak two prominent

structures, Band D, are observed.

Structure B has been observed in all photoemission studies in which the [010] direction was
probed [2,11-14,16-20] except for the study by VAN HOOF and VAN DER WIEL [10]. This latter
study differs from the rest in that the surface state intensity was rather low which might be the
reason why structure B was not observed. It has been suggested that the existence of 2x2 recon-
structed domains could explain the presence of structure B [3]. In the case of a 2x2 reconstruction
the Jab point would correspond to a r-point in the second 2x2-SBZ and thus the B structure would

then correspond to the dangling bond state at f. In this study and in other photemission studies
where structure B is well resolved [11,14,18], its energy position is found to be significantly
lower (-0.2 eV) than the dangling-bond energy at r. Structure B also shows a dispersion with a
minimum at J' ab (see Fig. 3) [14,18]. The difference in energy position and dispersion of struc-
ture B rules out the explanation in terms of a 2x2 reconstruction or any explanation in terms of
scattering from the high density of states region close to r to the outer regions of the SBZ (near J).

Single-domain Si(100)2x1 surfaces have been studied in order to obtain further information
about the surface electronic structure of Si(1 00)2x1 [15,16]. In the study by BRINGANS et al.
[15] the dispersion of the dangling-bond state (A) along the r-J and r-J' lines was unambiguosly
determined, and found to confirm the earlier results on two-domain surfaces [11]. In this study
along the symmetry lines [15] it was concluded that structure B was not present at the J point
along a [011] symmetry direction. In a later study [20] where also the [01 OJ-direction was
studied, structure B was observed at Jab just as clearly as for the two-domain Si(1 00)2x1 sur-


Considering all the information about structure B we find that it most likely corresponds to a
surface state band intrinsic to Si(100) surfaces showing a 2x1 LEED pattern .

The third structure (D) is observed in the projected bulk band gap around the Jab point. The

dispersion which was found to be identical for the three photon energies used (15.0, 16.8 and 21.2
eV) is shown in Fig. 3. The dispersion we find in our experiment is in good agreement with that
found in Refs. 12 and 13 for the same structure. The energy location in the bulk band gap and the
invariant dispersion with different photon energies strongly supports a surface state interpretation
of structure D. Since the surface has a different periodicity than the bulk one also has to consider
possible surface umklapp processes when analyzing the origin of structure D. Bulk structures
appearing at k// values close to J' along the [011] or the [01 1] directions can in principle also be
observed close to J' in the [010] direction if a surface umklapp process is involved. Because of the
steep dispersion, structure D would in such a case have to correspond to direct bulk transitions
moved in kll space by the surface umklapp process. We find that an interpretation in terms of a

bulk direct transition is unlikely since the dispersion is identical for the three photon energies used
in the experiment. We interpret structure D as due to a surface state in accordance with the assign-
ment in Refs. 12 and 13.

Hydrogen chemisorption studies were also performed in order to obtain further information by
selective quenching of different surface states. For the monohydride phase, Si(1 00)2x1 :H, one ex-
pects that the dangling bond state is removed due to the formation of Si-H bonds, and for the di-
hydride phase, Si(1 00)1x1 :2H, one expects that also the dimer-bond is removed since two hydro-
gen atoms are supposedly bonded to each silicon atom and the dimer-bond is broken up. The results


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