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of our brain. This is now over with and done; we have
all the brain cells we are going to get. The next stage
is already in progress: the development of our mind.
Soon what are now considered special psychic abilities
will be commonplace for all of us, as they are today
among Mind Control graduates and those readers who
follow the steps I have outlined in this book.

You can see from these speculations that I have a
certain view of the world and of what constitutes truth
and reality. Now it is fair for you to ask, "Do Mind
Control graduates emerge from their experiences with
views similar to these?" No, far from it Let me give
you an example.

Among those who remain closest to Mind Control
practices, an amazing number become vegetarians.
Harry McKnight, who works closest with me, did this
recently. I enjoy a good steak.



Once you have mastered all the techniques I have out-
lined"—if you are like most Mind Control graduates—
you may use a few that work best for you and let the
others slip. You can easily recapture the knack and the
good results with a quick review of those you may
have neglected.

To save you time, here is a list of all the techniques
described in Chapters 3 through 14:

1. How to learn to meditate in the morning 30
2. How to leave your meditation level 31
3. How to meditate at any time of day 31
4. The first step in visualization: your

mental screen 32
5. The first step in dynamic meditation 35
6. How to solve problems with meditation 37
7. How to use the Three Fingers Technique for .

instant recall 44
8. Steps toward Speed Learning 46
9. How to remember your dreams 54

10. How to dream solutions to problems 55
11. How to rid yourself of unwanted habits:

Smoking 66


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