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Sixth Edition

Revised and Enlarged

Englewood Cliffs, N. J.


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1931, 1937, 1950, BY
P R E N T I C E - H A L L , I N C .



Eighth printing December, 1969


78150- M0

Page 237


This technique was just one of the things we discovered that
year. In the summer we sold some 30,000 pairs of men's
silk socks. Here is one of the letters that did this:

Do you know how to distinguish pure Silk Socks from "loaded"
or "fibre" silk? There are three ways:

1. By fire test. Pull out a loose end of silk and touch a match
to it. If "loaded" or "fibre," it will burn with a flash and leave
a white or grayish ash. If pure silk, it will curl up and leave
a round black ash.

2. By water test. "Fibre" silk, when wet, will easily pull
apart. Pure silk, wet, is stronger than ever.

3. By feeling test. "Fibre" and "loaded" silk both have a
hard, slick feeling; a flashy, glossy
appearance. Pure silk is soft and
yielding to the touch, with a sub-
dued lustre all its own.

By fire test, by water test, by
feeling test-and by the final test
of long, hard wear-"Longwear"
Silk Socks have established them-
selves among men who and
regard value first as the standard of

And the quality is more than label
deep. It permeates every thread of
every sock. Just listen:

a. Made of pure thread Japan silk-and pure thread silk is
stronger, strand for strand, than steel wire!

b. The in hose is 11-strand-not 8- or
strand as in many silk socks that are priced merely to SELL.

c. show that of all socks wear out at the
toes first. That comes from wearing socks too small.
Wear" Silk Socks are made slightly oversize-not enough to
notice-just enough to keep that energetic big toe from stretch-
ing and pushing its way through.

d. The sole is double thickness for extra comfort, and heel,



Page 238


toe, and top are reenforced with fine mercerized lisle for extra

For the man who seeks foot-ease, "LongWear" Socks give that
rare combination of ease, style, and long life-all at reasonable

But that isn't all.
By selling these fine silk hose in wholesale lots of a dozen-the
same amount that hundreds of dealers buy at one time-with
none of the cost of jobbers, or traveling salesmen, or high store
rentals, we are able to give them to you at the low Direct-By-
Mail price of $7.95 for the dozen-only 60-some cents a pair.
And if you mail the enclosed card at once, while the season is
at its height, we will send the socks to you for a week's examina-
tion at our risk and expense.

But to get Silk Hose on approval your card must
be mailed NOW!

Yours then,

With this letter went a small, two-color circular, the front
of which is shown on page 225. On the inside pages, under

the heading These Silk Socks Wear Longer," was the
following explanation :

Let's get down to what makes a "LongWear" Silk Sock
wear longer. The below tell you what is put into
our socks that makes them live up to their name-"Longwear."

1. Made of pure "thread" Japanese Silk-about the finest
and most expensive in the world. And pure silk thread is

stronger, size for size, than steel wire!

2. The thread used in knitting "LongWear" Silk Hose is
11-strand-making them heavy and rich looking. Many socks,

you know, are knitted with 9-strand thread, and chemically
"loaded" with tin to give the heavy, lustrous appearance. But
the chemicals eat the strength and life out of the silk. That's

"loaded" silk socks go to pieces so quickly. There is no
"loading"-no "fibre silk9'-no "imitation silk9'-in
Wear" pure thread silk Hose.

3. For extra wear, "LongWear" Socks are reinforced at sole,

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Mail selling, 2
advantages of, 246
changing aspects of, 234
rewards in, 246
risks in, 245-246

Mailings Incorporated, 396, 399
Mails, use of, 313
Merchandise, time for selling by mail,

Merchant, appeal to, 5
Metered mail, use of, 28
Mind, Inc.:

circular on, 268-270
letter on,
"Lost Word of Power," 275-276
"Secret of Youth" letter, 274

Mind, reader's, 29
Minor point, effective use of, 67
Mother, appeal to, 4, 6
Motive, directing appeal to, 124
Mufflers, mail sale of, 233
Multiple mailer, 224
Multiple sales, 181-182

Neckties, mail of, 326
New Process Company, 27, 81, 99
News interest in letters, 14
Newspaper, tabloid, 11

Henry, 14, 25, 100, 109
basic appeal, 110
returns, rate of, 113

Outline of History, 14, 100, 140-159
Overcoats, mail sale of, 172-179,

190, 210-211

Paint cleaner, mail sale of, 421422
Paragraph indenting, 28
Pears, mail sale of, 185-186

A. L., 12
Perfume, mail sale of, 186-189
Personal touch, need for, 234
Personalized mail selling, 162-163
Persuasion, art of, 47
P. F. & Son Co., 81, 83
Photographic History of the Civil War,


in advertising, 26
on letterheads, 233-234

Pipes, mail sale of,
Point of contact, 7
Positive, necessity for being, 456
Post card, 113
Power of Will, 12
Premium offer, 239-240
Premiums, 110, 120

as hurry-up, 112
use of, 307

Price increases, as hurry-up, 111
Price-reduction offer, 23
Procter Gamble, 81, 83
Proof, effective use of, 56

of the Great

Proposition, 9
main minor point, 67
need for study of, 4
visualizing, 30

his interest paramount, 7
leading the, 29

Psychology books (see Books, psy-

Purpose of letters, 2

Raincoats, black, sale of, 160-161
Rattlesnake (see "When the Rattle-

snake Struck")
Reader, need for study of, 4
Reader's attention:

catch-phrase on envelope, 25
competition for, 15
folders, use of, 26
how to get, 16

examples of, 16-23
price-reduction offer, 23

examples of, 23-25
Remodeling, mail sale of, 422423
Results, 1
Romances, Spanish and Italian,



Sale, critical moment in, 59
Sale, first, 98

cost of, 98

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in small units, 98

personal, 233

Saving featured, 168
Secret of the Ages, 253
Shirts, mail sale of, 179, 196-198, 219,

Shoes, mail sale of, 191-192
Showmanship, 393, 396
Silk hose, mail sale of, 199-201
Similes that strike familiar chord,

Sin, unpardonable, 14, 152-154
Socks, mail sale of, 225-227
Special delivery mailing, 207
Special offer, 68
Sporting goods, mail sale of, 407408
Stamps on letters, 28
Stockings, silk, returns on, 244
Stories, use of, 37
Story of the Great War, The, 107
Style, 1
Suits, mail sale of, 230

"Teasers," 456
Tested Advertising Methods, 306
"Tested Selling Sentences," 281-283
Testimonial letter, 141-143
Testimonials, 57-58
Tests, time of,
Third-class mail, 25

Thrill, give readers a, 36-37
Time of mailing:

Christmas offer, 181-183
January-February, 184

Tip-in sample in letter, 27
Tires, mail sale of, 179-181
Tobacco, mail sale of, 383-385
Topcoat, mail sale of, 195-196,216
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damaged, 120-122
February mailing, 215


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War History, 109, 115
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Yachts, selling, 61-62

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