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For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He
loves also the bow that is stable. *

The difficulty that humans so generally seem to have in
fully appreciating the separateness of those who they are
close to interferes not only with their parenting but with all
their intimate relationships, including marriage. Not too long
ago in a couples group I heard one of the members state that
the "purpose and function" of his wife was to keep their
house neat and him well fed. I was aghast at what seemed to
me his painfully blatant male chauvinism. I thought I might
demonstrate this to him by asking the other members of the
group to state how they perceived the purpose and function
of their spouses. To my horror the six others, male and
female alike, gave very similar answers. All of them defined
the purpose and function of their husbands or wives in
reference to them-

* The Prophet (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1951), pp.


166 LOVE
selves; all of them failed to perceive that their own mates

might have an existence basically separate from their own or
any kind of destiny apart from their marriage. "Good grief," I
exclaimed, "it's no wonder that you are all having difficulties
in your marriages, and you'll continue to have difficulties until
you come to recognize that each of you has your own
separate destiny to fulfill." The group felt not only chastised
but profoundly confused by my pronouncement. Somewhat
belligerently they asked me to define the purpose and
function of my wife. "The purpose and function of Lily," I
responded, "is to grow to be the most of which she is
capable, not for my benefit but for her own and to the glory
of God." The concept remained alien to them for some time,

The problem of separateness in close relationships has be-
deviled mankind through the ages. However, it has received
more attention from a political standpoint than from a
marital one. Pure communism, for instance, expresses a

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