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Table of Contents
	Part One: Sun Sign Astrology
		1: Sun Signs
		2: The Sun Signs in Love
		3: The Decanates and Cusps of Sun Signs
		4: Astrology and Health
	Part Two: Less Well-Known Influences
		5: Moon Signs
		6: Your Ascedent and Its Power
		7: You and the Planets
	Part Three: Understanding Astrology
		8: The Houses of Astrology
		9: How to Inerpret Your Horoscope
		10: Aspects and Synasty
	Part Four: Astrology in History and Legend
		11: The Story of Astrology
		12: The Zodiac
	Part Five: Astrology in Our Time
		13: The Age of Aquarius
	Part Six: An Astrologer's Lexicon
		An Explanation of Terms
	Part Seven: Astrological Tables for the Years 1900-2100
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Yo u a n d t h e P l a n e ts • 2 5 9

sions, and in what career you will have the most luck.

Jupiter signifies the good things that come to you easily and

with little effort—this is the planet of “free lunch.” It is said

that when Jupiter is working for you, you will never go un-

der. You will often find that Jupiter’s power comes to your

rescue at the last minute. However, it is also true that unless

you put Jupiter’s gifts to good use and not waste them, they

can be taken away as quickly as they were given.

A n A s t r o n o m i c a l L o o k at Ju p i t e r

The fifth planet in our solar system is Jupiter, approximately 4831⁄2 million miles away from the Sun. It is our largest planet,
more than 300 times as massive as Earth, and has a diameter of 89,000 miles compared to the Earth’s 8,000. Jupiter is a
colossal world so big that it could contain the Earth and every other planet in our solar system, and still have lots of room

to spare. At certain times (every 13 months or so) Jupiter is the most brilliant object in the sky, shining with a flashing
white luster that rivals any star.

Jupiter completes its orbit around the Sun in a little under 12 years. Like the Earth, it rotates on its own axis, and for a
planet its size spins very quickly indeed. A day on Jupiter takes only nine hours and 501⁄2 minutes. Because it rotates so

rapidly, Jupiter has a noticeable bulge at the equator.

Astronomers have long noticed that the distances between the planets in our solar system follow a definite sequence or

formula (known as Bode’s Law). Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars all follow this sequence. However, between Mars and

Jupiter there is an enormous gap, and for years astronomers searched for a lost planet in this vacant space. On January 1,
1801, a very small body, an asteroid 485 miles in diameter, was discovered traveling in the orbit that was supposed to have
a planet. Since that time thousands more asteroids have been discovered in this area, which is now known as the asteroid

belt. One theory is that these particles are the result of the breaking up of an ancient planet in our solar system. Another

theory is that the asteroids are part of a planet that has not yet formed.

In 1973 Pioneer 10 discovered that Jupiter emits about twice the amount of heat that it receives from the Sun. Jupiter,
therefore, has an internal heat source and is, in effect, a miniature sun. The famous astronomer Carl Sagan called Jupiter a

“failed star,” meaning that Jupiter is made up of the same elements as our Sun (hydrogen and helium), but it does not have

planets the way our Sun does. However, it is theorized that Jupiter may once have been the center of its own planetary

system, and possibly the parent of Mars, Venus, Earth—and the lost planet that is now the asteroid belt.

In 1979 a new discovery about Jupiter was made when Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 sent back pictures of dusty rings
around the planet. (In the following ten years Voyager 2 found rings around Uranus and Neptune as well.)

In December 1995, after a six-year journey, a probe from our spacecraft Galileo landed on Jupiter. The probe sent back
thousands of detailed photographs of Jupiter’s hot surface, rings, and sixteen moons, until the probe was vaporized by

Jupiter’s extremely hot temperature: 3,400 degrees F.

Page 275

When Jupiter is prominent in your horoscope you tend

to be well liked and popular, friendly, broadminded, and

cheerful, successful in career and business. (An interesting

sidelight: You will probably discover that a large number

of the people with whom you have an immediate rapport

have Jupiter in the same sign as your Sun sign.)

Jupiter can also be too much of a good thing, for its in-

fluence can make you extravagant, lazy and luxury-loving,

profligate with money, and blindly optimistic. If things fall

into your lap too easily, you never develop strength of

character or spiritual wisdom.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings—blessings we must

learn to use wisely.

Where Is Your Jupiter?

To find out what sign Jupiter was in on the day of your

birth, consult the Jupiter Tables on page 501.

JUPITER IN ARIES Luck follows you in professions

where you can be your own boss. You are discontent

when you have to follow other people’s orders and, be-

ing independent and brash, you immediately try to

change that situation. Confident and enthusiastic, you

are a natural leader capable of running organizations,

groups, social clubs, and businesses. You have original

ideas and make swifter progress by relying on your

own opinions and abilities. You can be a bit bullying

and are sometimes quite extravagant in your spending.

This position of Jupiter fosters an ability to win over

influential people and obtain their help in your career.

Jupiter-Ariens often achieve high rank in politics, liter-

ature, science, and the military. Your luckiest times of

the year are when the Sun is in the signs of Aries, Leo,

and Sagittarius. Also, people who have those Sun signs

are likely to bring you financial benefit.

JUPITER IN TAURUS Jupiter and Taurus are very har-

monious; Taurus is the money sign of the zodiac and

Jupiter brings abundance. You are successful in fields

where finances are prominent, such as banking and

stocks and bonds, and investments are likely to bring

reward. You are conservative about the way you handle

money; security is extremely important to you. (If

Jupiter is afflicted, however, you will overspend on lux-

uries for yourself; this is also true if Venus is promi-

nent in your chart.) As a Jupiter-Taurean you have an

eye for beauty and art. You tend to collect paintings

and sculpture, jewelry, and antiques that often increase

in value. In this sign, Jupiter bestows a lovely voice and

artistic talent. Natives are also successful in careers

they conduct at home, such as writing, interior deco-

rating, and art collecting. Jupiter-Taureans tend to

marry well; career opportunity often comes to you

through the opposite sex. Your luckiest times of the

year are when the Sun is in the signs of Taurus, Virgo,

and Capricorn.

JUPITER IN GEMINI If you are a Jupiter-Gemini, you

are blessed with an adventurous attitude and a knack

for getting into advantageous situations. Though you

don’t necessarily look for moneymaking opportunities,

these usually come to you through the many friends

and contacts that you acquire. You achieve best success

in intellectual areas, such as teaching, lecturing, diplo-

matic careers, and law. You would also do well in the

airline industry. Gemini is the sign of communication,

2 6 0 • L e s s We l l - K n ow n I n f lu e n ce s

Page 548

I n d e x • 5 3 3

Tiberius Caesar, 378–79

Tigris River, 393, 395

Time-twins, 237–38

Titans, 389

Tombaugh, Clyde W., 285

Topocentric system, 412

Tower of Babel, 375

Traditional astrology, 403–4, 419

Transit, 362, 420

Triangulum (constellation), 148

Trines, 351, 353, 363, 364, 366, 420

Triplicity, 5, 421; Aquarius, 58; Aries, 5, 8, 410;

Cancer, 5, 23, 421; Capricorn, 5, 53, 410;

Gemini, 5, 18, 407; Leo, 5, 28, 410; Libra,

5, 38, 407; Pisces, 5, 64, 421; Sagittarius, 5,

48, 410; Scorpio, 5, 43, 421; Taurus, 5, 13,

410; Virgo, 5, 33, 410

Triton, 238, 279

Tropical astrology, 403–4, 419

T-square, 421

Twain, Mark (Sagittarius), 50

Twelfth House (House of Secrets, Sorrows, and

Self-Undoing), 297, 317–18, 412; Cadent,

299, 408; quarter, 340; ruled by Pisces, 298

Twelve Labors of Hercules, 387, 388

Twins. See Gemini

Twins and birth charts, 237–38

Tyndareus, 386

Typhon, 395

U-Nammu (Sumerian king), 375

United Nations, 281, 287

Ur, 375

Uranus, 5n, 58, 238–39, 271–76, 421; in 1st

House, 302; in 2nd House, 304; in 3rd

House, 305; in 4th House, 307; in 5th

House, 308; in 6th House, 309–10; in 7th

House, 311; in 8th House, 313; in 9th

House, 314; in 10th House, 315; in 11th

House, 316–17; in 12th House, 318; in

Aquarius, 157, 275–76; in Aries, 273; as-

pects, 354–60; astronomical facts, 273; in

Cancer, 274; in Capricorn, 275; discovery

of, 5n, 380; in Gemini, 149, 274; glyph,

271–72, 321; Jupiter and, 359; in Leo, 274;

in Libra, 153, 275; Mars and, 358; Mer-

cury and, 356; Moon and, 355; Neptune

and, 360; in Pisces, 276; Pluto and, 360;

ruling Aquarius, 58, 234, 403, 407, 421; in

Sagittarius, 275; Saturn and, 360; in Scor-

pio, 275; as subruler, 149, 153, 157; Sun

and, 354; tables of, 510–11; in Taurus,

273–74; Venus and, 357; in Virgo, 274–75

Uranus (god), 272

Ursa Major (constellation), 151, 372

Ursa Minor (constellation), 151

Uruk, 375

Venus, 13, 246–51, 421; in 1st House, 302; in

2nd House, 303; in 3rd House, 305; in 4th

House, 306; in 5th House, 307; in 6th

House, 309; in 7th House, 310; in

8thHouse, 312; in 9th House, 313; in 10th

House, 315; in 11th House, 316; in 12th

House, 317; in Aquarius, 157, 250–51; in

Aries, 247–48; aspects, 354–57; astronom-

ical facts, 247; Babylonian astrology and,

375; in Cancer, 248; in Capricorn, 156,

250; discovery of, 377; Egyptians and,

373; in Gemini, 149, 248; glyph, 321;

Greek designation, 377; Ishtar as goddess

of, 375; Jupiter and, 357; in Leo, 249;

Lesser Fortune, 258; in Libra, 153, 249;

Mars and, 357, 366–67; Mercury and, 356;

Moon and, 355; Neptune and, 357; in

Pisces, 251; Pluto and, 357; ruling Libra,

38, 230, 413, 421; ruling Taurus, 13, 14,

198, 225, 420, 421; in Sagittarius, 250; Sat-

urn and, 357; in Scorpio, 249–50; as sub-

ruler, 148, 149, 152, 153, 156, 157; Sun

and, 354; synastry and, 366–67; tables of,

491–96; in Taurus, 148, 248; Uranus and,

357; in Virgo, 152, 249

Venus (goddess), 246, 373, 375

Vernal equinox, 399–400, 404, 407, 410, 417

Vespertine (Venus as evening star), 377

Vietnam War, 287

Vietnamese culture, 374n

Virgo, 33–37, 389, 421; 6th House ruled by,

298; Aquarius and, 107, 137; Aries and,

77, 106; ascendant, 229; body part ruled

by, 33, 178; Cancer and, 95, 106; Capri-

corn and, 107, 131; cusps of, 163; de-

canates of, 152; dominant keyword, 33;

and duality, 5, 33; earth sign, 5, 33, 410;

erogenous zone, 178–79; famous people

with Moon in, 207; famous people with

Sun in, 37; feminine sign, 5, 410; Gemini

and, 89, 106; glyph, 33, 321; health, 178;

Jupiter in, 261–62; legend, 389; Leo and,

101, 106; Libra and, 107, 112–13; and

love, 103–8; Mars in, 255; Mercury in,

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6, 415, 417; Neptune in, 281; Pisces and,

6, 33, 64, 108, 143; Pluto in, 287; and po-

larities, 6, 33, 64; quadriplicity, 33; ruled

by Mercury, 33, 229, 414, 421; Sagittarius

and, 107, 125; Saturn in, 152, 268; Scorpio

and, 107, 119; symbol of, 33, 108, 389;

Taurus and, 83, 106; traits, 34–36; triplic-

ity, 5, 33, 410; Uranus in, 274–75; Venus

in, 152, 249; Virgo and, 106–7

Vishnu, 371, 372

Voyager 1, 259, 265

Voyager 2, 238, 259, 265, 273, 279

Vulcan, planet, 239

Water signs, 5, 407, 410, 421; elements formula

and, 331–32; Moon and, 197, 199, 201,

203, 205, 207, 209, 211, 213, 215, 217, 219.

See also Cancer; Pisces; Scorpio

Waterbearer. See Aquarius

Watergate, 287

Page 549

The Wind Beneath My Wings, 194

Winfrey, Oprah (Aquarius), 320, 322, 323, 325,

328–30, 332, 334, 335, 337, 339, 340, 341,

342, 345, 346, 348

Wobble, 400

Wonder, Stevie, 197

World War I, 286

World War II, 281, 286, 287, 380, 400

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Yugoslavia, 288

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Zodiac, 3, 145–46, 421; astrological back-

ground, 5–7; dualities, 5; elements, 5, 6;

legends, 383–95; polarities, 6; quadruplic-

ities, 6; triplicities, 6. See also astrology;

Decanates; horoscope; individual signs

Zodiac belt, 383

Zodiakos, 383

5 3 4 • I n d e x

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