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who had mastered ch'i. He looked everywhere and found nothing.
Finally he did find one guy in San Francisco who was a ch'tkung
marrer Iohn a.ked a demon,lrdr ion

"Vel l , the i ran rook two clay pors, one in each hand, and
squeezed, exhaling with force. The pots shattered into pieces. The
man )ooked at John; John said nothing. Then the rnan took a nail
and drov€ it into a tabletop, pounding it in with his fist. StillJohn
said nothing. Final ly the man askeda studentofhis ro gerâ machete;
he stood there performing rhe €h'ikung called Iron Shirt while al-
lowingthe studenr to artack him with the machete. The studentcould
not cut through the manl flesh.

"John turned to one oflis stLrdenrs, whom he had brought along,
and sent him out on an enand. Then he addressedthe ch'ikung master

"'Finishedr'John asked.
"'Yes,'the man replied, a bir put off.
"'Cood. Do you hâve any coins?'
"'Coins? \X/hat sort of coins?'
"'Oh, anythins will do.'
"Tlre man gave him two qualrers.John put them in the centerof

his palms and squeezed. He handed them back to the man folded in
half. Vhen the man saw the coins, his eyes almosr poppedour ofhis

"'Do you have a chopstick:'John asked.
"The man found a chopstick for him, and John pushed u into

and through rhe tablerop wirh his palm, right next to the nail. The
ch'ikung master was stlent. Then Johnt student came back, he had
managed to find â srraight razor at a local cutlery shop. John gave
the €h'ikung masterthe razorandasked him to cut hirn an).where he
liked. Try as he might, the man could not hurtJohn, even though in
the end he put all his power and emotion jnto rt.

"Vhat happened thent" I asked.
"Nothing. The man had lost the contesr.
"Dld he becorne Johnt studenç"
"No. H€ was too proud."
"Do you know why the man losn" John asked suddenly from

behind us. He had crept up silently and listening in
"Because he had only yang ch'i?" 1 r€plied

Lessons to Be Leârned

"Thatk correct. He was a dedlcated practitioner, but he didn't

have all the proper information. Vhat he did was ch'ikung' but not

neikuog. A man can train all his life and not get anvwhere unless he

is conect in his training. It doesn't mÀtter how tflncb you ttaint only

Loru you traln ln whatever time you do practice.

"For us in the Vest," l said, "medilation is difficult "

"Yes," he said. "lt is difficult to sit still in our dav ând ase, but

stillness is the key to success in the end. Ve are overstirnulâted bv

our environment. 11 is hard to keep vour thoughts in the prcsent

moment, isnt it? You âre always looklng ahead, Iooklng back' wor-

ried âbout this, ànger€d by that. You must put vour mind on where

you are 'lo'1J, not where you were or where you want to be

"How do I do thatr"
' l

cdnnoi tel l you Fach mu.t f rnd hi ' own wa1

G/edt I thousht. HoJ,s / r' a aqe it \otne dav l asked', " Si fu, Level Four

is compl€ted strictly by mediration, isnt it1'

"Yes," he sa;d. "Meditation is most impoftant You balance vour

conscious ând unconscious minds when meditating.In this dav ând

age we have come to ignore our limbic system, our stem brain, con-

€€ntrating inst€adsoleiyon our forebrains aodplain logic But this is

unnatural and limits our capabilities. It is like using onlv on€ hand

when you have two available "

"But how can we be unaffected by all the stress and hurrv in oul

livesr" I asked.
"Dif{icult. You hav€ to make conscious choices r€gârding vour

lif€style. For €xâmple, to cornplete Level Four' I left mv home and

v/ent into the jungle for a year' I did thiç in order to reach a stâte of

total calm. I reverted to the primitiver this is most important. Your

mind must be utterly still for yang andyin to come together' I mvself

managed to complete Level Four within a vear of finishing Level

Three, you know."

"Vhat was it like?"
"You become very weak in the endeavof, perhaps \teaker than

you were when you started training in the first place You coax the

two centers to go together like lovers, positive and n€gative The

flrst tlme I was successful and they met, the power was such that I

fainted, as I told you before. But the book mv Master hâd siven me

Lessons to Be Leârned

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on inner pow€r said,'lgnore the pain. Don't focus on it, ifyou do, it
will becorne too much.' I followed that advice, but the n€xt time I
tried, I couldn'l etand it eilher. It was on my third Îry that I grabb€d
the power and held on to it for ten minutes. Then it was mine."

"And then you became as you are now?/
He laughed. "Of course notl I still had to progress, Kosta. You

know, when you are at LevelFour, you hâve to sweat andstruggle for
fifteen minutes for the power to come out. lt was when I finished
with Level Five that I began to us€ it."

"So you have the battery in your belly but you still have to hook
up the cables."

"Of courset Andjust how powertulyou become dependson how
many cables you are able to hook up, at first.

l t become. more tompl icared a* you go on. '

"But when someone completes Level Four, h€ is a hsien, an im

"Not in my opinion. I think thât someone has to be more than
Level Thirty to be considered a hsien."

lwas going to ask why, but lcould see thatJohn was in no mood
tocontinue ihe conversation. His sonJohann saved the day, he came
over and challenged his father to a game of Ping Pong

John could never resist a challenge.

Lessons to Be Leârned

Chapter Seven


Titanl to whose immonal eyes,

The sulferinss of mortalit, seeû i' their sad realit,

\Y/ere not as ihings that gods despise'

Vhat was thy pity s recomPense?

A silent sufferitg, and intenser the rock' the vulture, and the chain'

All that the proud can feei of pain

Ceorge Cordon, Lord Bvron' Promei'Nrs

Andreas was an Aussie of Polish extraction with all the exuberance

and openness of the stereotypical Australian----a young€r form of

Paul Hogan, if you will. He was a brother studentt we had met in

Java at Chang Sifus horne during one ofmvtripsthere
Being around

Andreas meant belng around his lncessant deluge of beer ând ciga-

rettes; usually it v/as fun.

Andreas had also encountered Chang Situ under circumstances

too bizarr€ to be coincidental, having sear€hed for hirn previouslv

lor nine years after seeing Rin4 oJFne. Ve had shared manv strange

cxperiences under the guidance of our teacher, and traded noteswhen

and where we could.
At the mom€nt we were once agâin on ouf way to th€ prawn

farm, riding in avan at high velocitvasJohn negotiat€d the Javanese

roads with his usual flair Vith uswas Handoko, a Chinese man who

was also a brother student, a good friend, and our reliabl€ translator


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