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not into you. It's even possible that she has a m a n already, and by

insisting that you take her out on a date (and n o t coming over to

your crib) she can feel relieved of any guilt or wrongdoing. In her

mind, this doesn' t look like any form of infidelity, because "it's just

an innocent dinner date." Also, she migh t just be an undercover

chickenhead w h o is t rying to get a free meal. If you encounter a fe-

male who demands that you take her to Red Lobster (high-class

dining to a chickenhead) you should send her r ight back to the

swap meet where you got her.

W h e n you get wi th a female, either she likes you, or she

doesn' t . It doesn ' t mat ter h o w m u c h money you spend. If a female

is really feeling you, you can take her somewhere free, and you two

will still have a good vibe. You can take her to the park. You can

take her to a m u s e u m . Many m u s e u m s are free. If you live in a

coastal area, you can take her to the beach. If she wants a red lob-

ster, let her catch one from the ocean herself.

Rule Nine:
Always assume that women under the age of

twenty-seven have significant others.
If you meet a fairly attractive female unde r the age of twenty-

seven, you should always assume that she is already in a "situation."

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but it generally holds

t rue . Females under the age of twenty-seven are either already dat-

ing somebody, or having sexual relations wi th somebody.

M e n and women treat relationships like jobs. W h e n a m a n


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