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                            Light of Asia - Contents
	Sir Edwin Arnold
		Kalama Sutta
	Author’s Preface
Book The First
Book The Second
Book The Third
Book The Fourth
Book The Fifth
Book The Sixth
Book The Seventh
Book The Eighth
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Sir Edwin Arnold

Edwin Ariyadasa 6

Author Preface

Sir Edwin Arnold 12

Book the First

Prince Siddhartha’s birth and his youth 17

Book the Second

Display of skills & wedding of Prince Siddhartha xxx

Book the Third

Prince Siddhartha sees the omens xxx

Book the Fourth

The great renunciation xxx

Book the Fifth

Ascetic Siddhartha’s quest for truth xxx

Book the Sixth

End of austerities and enlightenment xxx

Book the Seventh

The Buddha’s visit to Kapilavatthu xxx

Book the Eighth

The Buddha’s Demise xxx

Glossary xxx

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Tulsi A small shrub venerated by Vaishnav-

ites. A holy basil

Koss Measure of distance

Book the Fifth

Rajagriha The capital of the Kingdom of Magadha

Bimbisara The King who ruled over Magadha

Bibhara etc Mountains around the capital Rajagruha

Yogis Mystics

Brahmacharis Celibates

Bhikkhus Buddhist monks

Rajaputra A son of a King

Tola A weight of gold or silver

Sakra The King of gods, otherwise known as


Devaraj King of gods

Munja A kind of grass

Yajna Sacrifice queens

Devis Goddess of queens

Shasters Shastras or different branches of learning

Sruti Vedic texts

Smruti Texts composed after Vedas

Jnana Kand Vedic texts dealing with philosophy

Karma Kand Vedic texts dealing with Sacrifice and

other practices

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Book the Sixth

Sitar Indian musical instrument

Luxmi Hindu goddess of prosperity

Swarga Heaven

Koil Nightingale

Mara The Evi1 One

Attavada Theory of Soul

Bodhi Tree The tree under which the Buddha attain-

ed Enlightenment. Ficus Religiosa

Nirvana The Supreme Bliss

Wasantha Spring

Book the Seventh

Gatha Stanzas

Nidanas Links — origins

Book the eighth

Nagara City

Karma Deed which yields retribution

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