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A Personal Note from Robin Sharma
Chapter 1: Leadership and Success Are Your Birthright
Chapter 2: My Meeting with a Leadership Mentor
Chapter 3: The Sad Costs of Mediocrity and the Spectacular Rewards of Leadership Mastery
Chapter 4: The First Leadership Conversation: You Need No Title to Be a Leader
Chapter 5: The Second Leadership Conversation: Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders
Chapter 6: The Third Leadership Conversation: The Deeper Your Relationships, the Stronger Your Leadership
Chapter 7: The Fourth Leadership Conversation: To Be a Great Leader, First Become a Great Person
Chapter 8: Conclusion
Resources to Help You Lead Without a Title
We Need Your Help
Build a Lead Without a Title Organization
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adopt that technique, you’ll definitely be in trouble. And some ski patroller might find you frozen
on the mountain after everyone else has gone home.”

“Your metaphor applies to me working at the bookstore, doesn’t it, Ty? If I don’t
that’s coming at me and instead try to protect myself by pulling back into my old way of

operating, I’ll end up frozen on the mountain, so to speak. And suffocated under that avalanche of
change you spoke about, right?”

“Dude. That’s exactly right. But when you just relax into it all and embrace all the fear that
comes up when you don’t know all the answers and exactly where you’re going, the same way I
skied some of the most treacherous runs on Earth, some remarkable things start to happen. Out
on that razor’s edge, where you feel your greatest discomfort and all your limiting beliefs start to
scream through your brain and you think there’s no way you’ll ever make it down, buddy, that’s
when you’re most alive. And that’s the place where your biggest growth happens.

. And that
expansion not only translates into far better work but much greater performance in every other
area of your life, man. When you consistently move closer to what you are resisting, rather than
push it all away, you’ll become not only way more confident in the way you do business. You will
also become far more powerful in the way you lead a life. And you really get to see how strong
you truly are. Being bold and embracing opportunities that fill you with fear actually turns that
fear into power and introduces you to your strengths. As Nietzsche said: ‘What doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger.’ ”

“Amazing insights, Ty. Definitely helpful for where I’m at professionally and personally. So
change is actually a good thing?”

“Most definitely. And turbulent conditions can actually elevate your skills, show you your
hidden talents, and boost your game. Look, when it comes to skiing, anyone can look like a pro
on the easy runs. The true test of your ability is how you ski on the hard ones. When the going
gets tough, that’s when you get to see how good your technique truly is. And how great a skier
you really are. And it’s precisely the same thing in business. Anyone can be a star when the
economy is strong, the competition is weak, and your customers are loyal. Difficult times are the
ones that what you’re made of—and what kind of a leader you actually are.”

Ty paused and took another bite of his sandwich, chomping hungrily as pieces of bread fell
onto his sweater. After taking a gulp of water, his insightful discourse on leadership using the
metaphor of skiing continued.

“What you resist will persist, but what you befriend you begin to transcend, Blake. Look, when
the terrain changes on a ski slope, your technique needs to change with it. .
Otherwise you’ll fall and get hurt. The way you ski a nice groomed run isn’t the same way you’d
ski deep powder. Same thing applies to the way we work right now.

. You need to adapt.”
“Otherwise I’ll fall and get hurt,” I reiterated, fully focused on the lessons this fascinating

former ski pro was revealing to me.
“Right. . This simple idea is

what’ll separate the best in business from those that fall as we head into the future. Any

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organization that builds leaders at every level will easily move through the change caused by
these uncertain times. Actually, any enterprise that adopts the Lead Without a Title philosophy
will actually find that these challenging times are a blessing, while their competition goes the
other way and gets buried.”

“A blessing?”
“Sure. It’s like I was saying: anyone can look good in easy conditions. So when the business

environment was safe and predictable, it didn’t take a lot for an organization to make money and
grow. But now we’re in the messy snow, so to speak, and onto some wildly steep mountains.
Only excellent technique will work. And that means Leading Without a Title. The organizations
that understand this will find that they have a lot less competition and a lot more opportunities for
far more growth in these turbulent times. Companies that are made up of clusters of leaders will
actually their growth by speeding up their rate of innovation as their competition pulls
back, build better teams by investing in people while their rivals shrink training budgets, and pick
up top talent as their industry peers lay people off. And so fast companies get that unsettling
times are actually gifts for them and periods to get so far ahead of the competition that they can
never catch up.”

“Cool,” I replied.
“So to adapt to this period we’re going through, I encourage you to seriously embrace the

chaos, Blake. Welcome the danger. Take some intelligent risks and have the courage to
concentrate your greatest abilities on your largest opportunities, even if that thought frightens
you. The more you lean into your fears and move toward your challenges, the more staggering
the rewards that will come your way. The more you do the things you’re scared to do, the more
you’ll be showing real leadership. And the more you give to your work—and to life itself—amid
deep change, the more you’ll receive. Life’s pretty fair like that,” Ty noted, sounding a little
philosophical. “You get back in direct proportion to what you give it. All the disruption out there
will take you to some beautiful places, man. It’s all a gorgeous gift—all of it.”

Ty added, “And the real idea to remember from this time we have together is that
. It’s the most difficult terrain that creates the best skiers. And

. That’s really the
key piece to our conversation, dude. But because it can be so frightening to stretch beyond the
runs we’re used to skiing, we generally avoid the scary stuff. And in so doing we miss a glorious
chance to reclaim more of our buried potential. Resisting what makes you feel uncomfortable at
work might seem like a way to stay safe in these wild times, but in the long term, it’s actually a
very dangerous maneuver. What made me a fantastic skier was my pure love for hunting down
the most treacherous of chutes and the deepest of snow.

. That willingness not only
brought out the greatness within me. It also gave me the experience I needed to win all those
world championships.”

“And all those lovely women that came with them,” Tommy interjected with a wink. “Blake,
you wouldn’t believe some of Ty’s stories. This guy’s lived the days of his life. But let’s leave
that for another time.”

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