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How To Get To An ‘Earning-Rate’ of

$100k/Year In 60 Days Using A

Simple 7-Step Formula

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Step 2. Establish A

Foothold In Your


Once you’ve decided on a market and

validated that it’s viable, the next step is to

quickly establish a market ‘Foothold’ and a ‘Base’. These two things will

combine to get money coming in and also allow you to rapidly expand in

the future.

We get our ‘Foothold’ using Facebook, and build a website as our ‘Base’.

Your Foothold and your Base need to compliment one another and work

in synergy to quickly get cashflow rolling in.

The Facebook page (foothold) has a very specific purpose and very specific

characteristics as we’ll explain shortly, and so does the website (base).

Let’s being by talking a little about some of the basics that your website

needs to have covered.

 Mobile friendly (resize to fit different devices)

 Attractive (but more importantly… professional)

 Lightning fast (with ability to cope with huge influxes of traffic)

 Sticky (keep visitors on your site)

Your website doesn’t NEED to be built with Wordpress, however it can be.

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If you’re going to use Wordpress, don’t fall into the trap of making it look

like a “run of the mill” cookie cutter site. These kinds of websites don’t

exactly ooze professionalism, and they have sub-standard visitor metrics as


Most people leave a lot of money on the table by underestimating the

importance of website design and functionality.

We call the website your ‘Base’ because it’s your ultimate asset. It’s where

you’ll make money and ultimately build a self-sufficient pool of visitors.

You better be darn sure it’s optimized, or you’ll always struggle to convert

visitors and make money in general.

We launch our websites using specially designed push-button ‘Launchpad’.

It allows us to instantly have your base up and running and it ensure that

it fits all the criteria above. We’ll discuss this more in the live training (you

can register for that training below).

What about traffic?

Our websites get traffic from a wide range of places including a decent

amount from natural rankings in Google (and other search engines) for

long tail keywords (although you certainly do not need to rely on Google


If you’re able to attend the live workshop (details below), I’ll show you the

EXACT layout we use on our websites and how we’re able to get

abnormally high conversion rates on our ads…

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You’ve Still Got Time To Make 2015

YOUR Breakthrough Year…

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We’re half way through 2015… regardless of where you’re at in your

business, you still have plenty of time to make this your best year yet.

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Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

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