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                            The Jew as Criminal
	The Jew as Criminal: Streicher
	The Jew as Criminal: The Findings in Preview
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 1
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 2
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 3
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 4
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 5
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 6
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 7
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 8
	The Jew as Criminal: Chapter 9
	The Jew as Criminal: After word
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T h e J e w a s C r i m i n
a l

by J. Keller and Hanns Andersen

a translation by R. Belser of

D e r J u d e a l s V e r b
r e c h e r

von J. Keller und Hanns Andersen
Nibelungen-Verlag, Berlin und Leipzig, 1937

Table of Contents

An Introductory Word from Julius Streicher ...[9]

The Findings in Preview ...[10]

Chapter One: What Linguistics and Statistics Show ...[13]
"Kochemer-Loschen," the language of crooks -- The Jew in Criminality -- The Jew in

Chapter Two: The Jew in Court ...[25]
Jurisprudence and Administration of Justice in the Power of the Jews -- Caro vs.
Petschek -- The "Trotskyist Trial" in Moscow

Chapter Three: Fences and Thieves ...[37]
The Criminal Quarter and Red District -- A Leipzig 'Furrier' -- Michael Stoßenspieler, a
Jew from Poland -- The Night Specter in the Imperial Court -- Violinists and
Pickpockets -- Fencing in the Grand Style

Chapter Four: Imposters ...[50]
Ignaz Straßnoff -- Trebitsch-Lincoln -- Finkelstein-Litvinov -- Dimitri Navaschin --

Page 2


Chapter Five: Swindlers and Racketeers ...[77]
Ghetto Jews and Opportunistic Jews -- The Linder-Rosenfeld Affair -- "Borenstein
threatened with sentence of Death" -- Healthy business failures -- "Immediate cash" --
Einspongeschäfte [con games] -- The Story of Colonel Salaban -- Leo Veit, the
Ethiopian campaigner

Chapter Six: Gambling Cheats ...[96]
Three-card Monte -- The club of the "harmless" in the Central Hotel -- Scandal in
Hannover -- Aron Simanovitch and the "Holy Devil" Rasputin

Chapter Seven: Pimps and White Slavers ...[118]
The career of the Jewish prostitute Anna Meyner -- The Riehl-Pollack House -- Scandal
in Hannover -- Pimps -- Silberreich and Wallerstein -- Wholesale and Retail -- The Trial
of the 112 -- Zvi Migdol, or the Great Power

Chapter Eight: Sexual Offenders ...[138]
The "Paradise" of the Jews -- Some Pornography -- A "friend of children" -- Albert
Hirschland, the race-defiler if Magdeburg

Chapter Nine: Murderers ...[158]
Jewish "Humor" -- The Crime of Fritz Saffran -- Monk Eastman, King of the Gangsters --
The Murder of McKinley -- The Attack on Otto von Bismarck -- The Murder of Count
Stürkgh -- The Attempted Assassination of Stefan Tisza -- The Beylis Case -- Mordko
Bogrov, Murderer of Minister President Peter Stolypin -- The Master Provocateur Asev -
- Jakob Blumkin shoots at Mirbach -- The End of a Kaiser -- Murder of Hostages -- The
Ship of Death -- The Worker-Murder of Astrakhan -- The Executioner of Tiflis --
Ssadowaya 5 -- Comrade Rosa -- Samuel Schwartzbart -- A Jew has shot. . .

Afterword ...[211]

Still to come. . .

List of Photographs

I. The "Patriarchs" of Bolshevism -- II. The "Patriarchs" of the Soviet Union of today --
III. The Propagandists of Bolshevism in Europe -- IV. Jews in Court -- V. Defending
Counsel of Crime -- VI. Imposters -- VII. Intellectual Jews -- VIII Corruption-Jews --
IX. Swindlers and Forgers -- X. The Patron of Protection -- XI. He cheated -- XII.
Coffeehouse Jews XIII. Sex-Jews -- XIV. Sexual Offenders -- XV. Murderers

Page 213

his literary activity, but despite his hard-pressed material situation and
his severe physical suffering, worked even this last winter with total
self-sacrifice for the Winter Aid.

[212] When I saw Keller for the last time, it was a few days before his
death; he was able to move around only with effort, bent over from
pain and supported by a cane. As I later learned, he had had to take a
large dose of narcotics in order to be able to leave his bed at all. But
nothing could hold him back from his work and from his duty.

Keller was a man of rare purity of mind and of character. To that was
added a wholly unusual talent for writing and an extraordinary gift for
quick comprehension. His death signifies a hard and irreplaceable loss
in the front of the struggle against Judeo-Bolshevism.

May this book, the fruit of bitter life experience, deep political insight
and painful weeks of labor of a mind not broken by illness, find the
attention that it deserves.

Keller wanted to create readable knowledge, he wanted to write a book
which should be as geared to the people as it would be reliable and
practical. He surely attained this goal and thus the task which remains
to me is only to deliver this work, in his name, too, to the public.

Berlin, March 1937.

Dr. Hanns Andersen

To (last) Chapter IX: Murderers
To Table of Contents

Copyright 2002 by R. Belser. Reproduction in whole or in part without
express written permission of the translator is not permitted. All rights

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