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blyton, enid - adventure 1 - the island of adventure
chapter 1
the beginning of things

it was really most extraordinary.
there was philip mannering, doing his best to puzzle out algebra problems, lying
full-length under a tree with nobody near him at all and yet he could hear a voice
speaking to him most distinctly.
you shut the door, idiot? said the voice, in a most impatient tone. and how many
times have i told you to wipe your feet?
philip sat up straight and took a good look round for the third time but the
hillside stretched above and below him, completely empty of any boy, girl, man or
it's so silly, said philip to himself. because there is no door to shut, and no
mat to wipe my feet on. whoever is speaking must be perfectly mad. anyway, i don't
like it. a voice without a body is too queer for anything.
a small brown nose poked up out of philip's jersey collar. it belonged to a little
brown mouse, one of the boy's many pets. philip put up a gentle hand and rubbed
the tiny creature's head. its nose twitched in delight.
shut the door, idiot! roared the voice from nowhere. and don't sniff. where's
your handkerchief?
this was too much for philip. he roared back.
shut up! i'm not sniffing. who are you, anyway?
there was no answer. philip felt very puzzled. it was uncanny and peculiar. where
did that extraordinary voice with its rude commands come from, on this bright,
sunny but completely empty hillside? he shouted again.
i'm working. if you want to talk, come out and show yourself.
all right, uncle, said the voice, speaking unexpectedly in a very different tone,
apologetic and quiet.
gosh! said philip. i can't stand this. i'll have to solve the mystery. if i can
find out where the voice comes from, i may find its owner. he shouted again.
where are you? come out and let me see you.
if i've told you once i've told you a dozen times not to whistle, answered the
voice fiercely. philip was silent with astonishment. he hadn't been whistling.
evidently the owner of the voice must be completely mad. philip suddenly felt that
he didn't want to meet this strange person. he would rather go home without seeing
he looked carefully round. he had no idea at all where the voice came from, but he
rather thought it must be somewhere to the left of him. all right, he would go
quietly down the hill to the right, keeping to the trees if he could, so that they
might hide him a little.
he picked up his books, put his pencil into his pocket and stood up cautiously. he
almost jumped out of his skin as the voice broke out into cackles of laughter.
philip forgot to be cautious and darted down the hillside to the shelter of a
clump of trees. the laughter stopped suddenly.
philip stood under a big tree and listened. his heart beat fast. he wished he was
back at the house with the others. then, just above his head, the voice spoke
how many times have i told you to wipe your feet?
then there came a most unearthly screech that made poor philip drop his books in
terror. he looked up into the tree nearby, and saw a beautiful parrot, scarlet and
grey, with a big crest on its head that it worked up and down. it gazed at philip
with bright black eyes, its head on one side, its curved beak making a grating
philip stared at the parrot and the parrot stared back. then the bird lifted up a
clawed foot and scratched its head very thoughtfully, still raising and lowering
its crest. then it spoke.
don't sniff, it said, in a conversational tone. can't you shut the door, idiot?

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you and dinah with her.
we're going to, said dinah, her eyes glowing. at last we're going to. there's
enough money now for mother to make a home for us herself, and stop her hard work.
we've reckoned it all out. and what about you and lucy-ann coming to live with us,
freckles? you don't want to go back to your crusty old uncle and horrid old
housekeeper, do you?
oh! said lucy-ann, her green eyes shining like stars. she fell on philip and
hugged him tightly. dinah never did that, but philip found that he liked it. oh!
nothing could be nicer! we'd share your mother, and we'd have such fun together.
but do you think your mother will have us?
of course, said dinah. we particularly asked her that. she says if she's got to
put up with two children, she might as well put up with four.
and kiki too? asked jack, a sudden doubt creeping into his mind.
well, of course! said dinah and philip together. it was unthinkable that kiki
should not live with them all.
what's going to happen to your aunt polly and uncle jocelyn? asked jack. i'm
sorry for your aunt she oughtn't to live in this ruined old house, slaving away,
looking after your uncle, being lonely and miserable and ill. but i suppose your
uncle will never leave craggy-tops?
well, he's got to now and do you know why? said dinah. it's because the well-
water is salt. the sea did go into it, entering it from the old passage down there
so it's undrinkable. it would cost too much to put the well right, so poor old
uncle had to choose between staying at craggy-tops and dying of thirst, or leaving
it and going somewhere else.
everyone laughed. well, jo-jo did some good after all when he flooded the mines,
said philip. it has forced uncle jocelyn to make up his mind to move and aunt
polly will be able to get the little cottage she has always wanted, and live there
in peace, instead of in this great ruin with no jo-jo to do the rough jobs.
oh that horrid jo-jo! said lucy-ann, with one of her shivers. how i did hate him!
i'm glad he's locked away for years and years. i shall be grown up when he comes
out of prison, and i shan't be afraid of him any more.
bill arrived in his car, bringing with him a crate of ginger-beer, for now no-one
could drink the well-water. the children cheered. it was nice to have ginger-beer
for breakfast, dinner and tea. bill presented aunt polly and philip's mother with
a most enormous thermos flask full of hot tea.
oh, bill! said philip's mother, with a little squeal that kiki promptly imitated,
what an enormous flask! i've never seen such a giant. thank you so much.
bill stayed to supper. it was very hilarious, especially when philip's mouse ran
out of his sleeve on to the table to dinah's plate. that upset dinah and made
everyone laugh. lucy-ann looked round at the laughing company and felt glad. she
was going to live with a grown-up she would love, and children she was fond of.
everything was fun. everything had turned out right. what a good thing she and
jack had escaped from mr. roy all those weeks ago, and run away with philip to
it's been a grand adventure, said lucy-ann out loud. but i'm glad it's over.
adventures are too exciting when they're happening.
oh no, said philip at once. that's the best part of an adventure when it's
happening. i think it's a great pity it's all over.
what a pity, what a pity! said kiki, having the last word as usual. wipe your
feet and shut the door. put the kettle on. god save the king!

the end

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