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TitleThe Gospel According to Spiritism. By Alan Kardec. (In English)
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Table of Contents
Front Page
Publisher's Foreword
Translator's Acknowledgements
Translator's Preface
	The Objective of this Work
	The Authority Behind the Spiritist Doctrine
		The Universal Control of the Spirit Teachings
	Historic Facts
	Socrates and Plato, the Forerunners of the Christian Idea and Spiritism
Chapter 1 - I have not come to destroy the law
	The Christ
	The alliance between science and religion
	Instructions from the spirits
		The new era
Chapter 2 - My kingdom is not of this world
	The future life
	The regality of Jesus
	A point of view
	Instrunctions from the spirits
		An earthly regality
Chapter 3 - In my father's house are many mansions
	The different states of the soul in its spiritual wanderings
	The different categories of inhabited worlds
	Earth's destiny. The cause of human misery
	Instructions from the spirits
		Superior and inferior worlds
		Worlds of tests and atonement
		Regenerating worlds
		The progression of the worlds
Chapter 4 - Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God
	Resurrection and reincarnation
	Reincarnation strengthens family ties, whereas a single life would destr
oy them
	Instructions from the spirits
		Limits of incarnations
		The need for incarnation
Chapter 5 - Blessed are the afflicted
	The justice of afflictions
	Causes of present-day afflictions
	Past causes of afflictions
	Forgetfulness of the past
	Motives for resignation
	Suicide and madness
	Instructions from the spirits
		To suffer well or badly
		Evil and its remedy
		Happiness is not of this world
		Losing loved ones. Premature deaths
		Should we end our neighbour's probation?
		If he had been a good man he woul have died
		Voluntary torments
		True misfortune
		Voluntary trials. The true hair shirt
Chapter 6 - Christ the consoler
	The gentle yoke
	The promised consoler
	Instructions from the spirits
		The advent of the Spirit of Truth
Chapter 7 - Blessed are the poor in spirit
	What should be understood by the words 'poor inspirit'
	He who exalts himself shall be debased
	Mysteries that are hidden from the learned and prudent
	Instructions from the spirits
		Pride & humility
		Mission of the intelligent person on Earth
Chapter 8 - Blessed are the pure in heart
	Simplicity and pureness of heart
	Sinning by means of thought. Adultery
	True pureness. Unwashed hands
	Offences. If your hand be the cause of an offence, cut it off
	Instructions from the spirits
		Let little children come unto me
		Blessed are those whose eyes are closed
Chapter 9 - Blessed are the meek and the peacemakers
	Insults and violence
		Instructions from the spirits
			Affability and mildness
			Obedience and resignation
Chapter 10 - Blessed are the merciful
	Forgive others so that God may forgive you
	Reconciliation with your adversaries
	The sacrifice most agreeable to God
	The mote and the beam in the eye
	Do not judge others if you do not wish to be judged in return. He that i
s without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone
	Instructions from the spirits
		The pardoning of offences
Chapter 11 - Love your neighbour as yourself
	The greatest commandment
	Do unto others as we would have them do unto us
	Instructions from the spirits
		The law of love
		Faith and charity
		Charity towards criminals
Chapter 12 - Love your enemies
	Return goodness for evil
	Discarnate enemies
	Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other als
	Instructions from the spirits
Chapter 13 - Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doin
	Do good without ostentation
	Hidden misfortunes
	The widow's mite
	To invite the poor and the lame. To give without thought of recompense
	Instructions from the spirits
		Material charity and moral charity
Chapter 14 - Honour your father and your mother
	Filial devotion
	Who is my mother and who are my brothers?
	Corporeal relationship and spiritual relationship
	Instructions from the spirits
		Children's ingratitude and family ties
Chapter 15 - Without charity there is no salvation
	What the spirit needs in order to be saved. The parable of the good Sama
	The greatest of the commandments
	The need for charity, according to Saint Paul
	Without the Church there is no salvation. Without truth there is no salv
	Instructions from the spirits
		Without charity there is no salvation
Chapter 16 - It is not possible to serve both God and Mammon
	The salvation of the rich
	Preserve yourself from avarice
	Jesus in the house of Zacchaéus
	The parable of the had rich man
	The parable of the talents
	The providential utility of riches. Trials of riches and misery
	The inequality of riches
	Instructions from the spirits
		True property
		The application of riches
		Detachment from earthly possessions
Chapter 17 - Be perfect
	Characteristics of Perfection
	The good person
	The good Spiritist
	The parable of the sower
	Instructions from the spirits
		Those who are superior and those who are inferior
		The worldly person
		Look after both body and spirit
Chapter 18 - Many are called, bur few are chosen
	The parable of the wedding feast
	The narrow door
	The narrow door - Not all those who say: Lord! Lord! will enter into the
 Kingdom of Heaven.
	Much will be asked of he who receive much
	Instructions from the spirits
		To those who have will he given more
		A Christian is recognised by his works
Chapter 19 - Faith transports mountains
	The power of faith
	Religious faith. The state of unshakable faith
	The parable of the dry fig-tree
	Instructions from the spirits
		Faith, the mother of hope and charity
		Human and Divine faith
Chapter 20 - Workers of he last hour
	Instructions from the spirits
		The last shall be the first
		The mission of the Spiritists
		The workers of the Lord
Chapter 21 - There will be false christs and false prophets
	A tree is known by its fruits
	The mission of the prophets
	The prodigies of the false prophets
	Do not believe all the Spirits
	Instructions from the spirits
		The false prophets
		The character of the true prophet
		The false prophets of the spiritual world
		Jeremiah and the false prophets
Chapter 22 - Whom God has joined together, let no man put apart
	The indissolubility of marriage
Chapter 23 - Strange moral
	Hate the parents
	Abandon father, mother and children
	Leave to the dead the care of burying their dead
	I have not come to bring peace, but dissension
Chapter 24 - Do not hide the light under a bushel
	The light under a bushel. Why Jesus spoke in parables
	Do not keep company with the Gentiles
	The healthy do not need a doctor
	The courage of faith
	Carry your cross. He who will save his life, shall lose it
Chapter 25 - Seek and you will find
	If you help yourself then Heaven will come to your aid
	Behold the fowls of the air
	Provide not gold in your purse
Chapter 26 - Give for free what has been received gratuitously
	The gift of healing
	Paid prayers
	The moneychangers expelled from the Temple
	Gratuitous mediumship
Chapter 27 - Ask and it shall be given
	The quality of prayers
	The act of prayer. Transmission of thought
	Intelligible prayers
	Prayer for suffering spirits and the dead
	Instructions from the spirits
		The way to pray
		Prayer is a source of happiness
Chapter 28 - A collection od spiritist prayers
	General prayers
	Prayers for the one who prays
	Prayers for others
	Prayers for those no longer on earth
	Prayers for the sick and obsessed
Biographical sketches of spirit communicators

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