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automatic visceral reactions, these curiosities evoke the repressive
imperatives of the associates, the mother and father es-

pecially. These repressive influences may be and often are the
effects of ignorance, prudishness, vulgarity, or homosexu-

ality, or the sex perversions that are known as sadism and
masochism. But by the necessities of the case, the sex wishes
become overlayed by reflexes associated with the mother and
father and close associates as love. This might be termed the

oligocene. As the circle of acquaintance widens, other loved
objects usher in the miocene phases of the development. With
these become interspersed various hates and detestations, deliber-

ately cultivated and accepted by the consciousness. So we have
a cross-slice of the personality in the first five or six years of

But now, with the onset of the second dentition, a subtle
change begins in the endocrine equations of the body. The
second dentition itself is an expression of a certain internal secre-
tion wave passing through the cells; an increase of action of some
hormones, a decrease of others. And a consciousness of physical
sexuality appears, while the outlines of character, hitherto mere

tracings, become firmer, heavier, quasi-indelible lines. That
there is some activity on the part of the internal secretions of
the sex glands, the ovaries and testes, can be demonstrated by
accurately charting the behaviour of a boy or girl after this
time. It will be found that there is a cyclic variation of health
and conduct, more or less marked of course in each case. A cold
may appear periodically at the end of each month, an increase of
irritability and waywardness may be observed, or, on the con-
trary, a decrease of the regular restless playfulness. The ghost
of sex begins to haunt the sceneQ

Now all kinds of possibilities of conflict emerge. The child is
still a bisexual, growing into a mixed sex type, depending upon
the nature and amount of its internal secretions. The influencing
adult of the family, the most important of the external factors

encouraging or depressing the tendencies of the child, possesses
a fairly fixed ideal of monosexuality which he or she, generally
quite unconsciously, seeks to impose upon it. A doting feminine
mother will make her son as much as possible like her husband: if
she dislikes her husband, as much as possible like her father or
grandfather. A masculinized mother will tend to make a sex ob-
ject out of the son, however, which means his feminization. But,
on the internal secretion side, the boy may be definitely masculine.

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That is, after adolescence he would be strongly masculine, if the
vegetative-endocrine mechanisms created by the mother's person-
ality had not slipped into the inside track, so to speak. As a con-
sequence, continual subconscious conflict between the two sets of
sex reaction will, sooner or later, disturb, perhaps disrupt and
ruin his life.

So an infant may start life with a fairly balanced endocrine
equipment, with its wake of a normal life (barring accidents
and infections) , and yet he may end as an inferior, insane, crim-
inal, or failure directly because of establishment of conflict be-
tween himself as one sort of sex type, and his obligatory associates
of another sort of mixed sex type. This applies also to the
mother-daughter, the father-son, and the father-daughter rela-

Male and female created He them, is a bald misstatement of
the facts. Male and female emerge as final by-products of
endocrine heredity, environmental treatment and adaptation.
Often the male-female, the female-male, persist anatomically, or
are forced to persist functionally. Society, constructed upon the
Biblical dogmas of man as a fallen angel, and absolute sex, is re-
sponsible for much misery and suffering meted out to the func-
tional hermaphrodite, as we shall see later in an analysis of the
endocrine character of Oscar Wilde. The privileges and powers of
sex relationship, marriage and parenthood, should be safeguarded
for the mixed sex type, the man or woman with the variable sex
index. For there are no tragedies in life more pitiful than those
in which an aggressive masculinely built type is forced to assume
a submissive, receptive, passive, feminine role and vice versa, the

tragedy of compelled homosexuality, because of wrong associates.

Masochism and Sadism

The functional hermaphrodite enables us, too, to understand
the phenomena of masochism and sadism, to a certain extent,
on the chemical side. The masculine personality, the combination
of masculine, e.g., adrenal cortex and gonad internal secretion

predominance, is built for aggression. The feminine personality,
the union of feminine, e.g. thyroid and ovarian superiority, is con-

structed for submission. Reverse the possibilities, or confuse them,
as occurs in the functional hermaphrodite, and the attitudes be-

come reversed or perverted. So a masculinoid personality in

woman will make for sadism, a feminoid personality in a man

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